Sunday, October 21, 2007

went cycling just now. pretty freaky. i got stalked by this crazy ang-moh.
i stop, he stop. i turn left, he turn left. i turn right, he turn right.

so i suddenly swerved into oncoming traffic and the moron did it too. and he almost crashed.

that's when i shook him off.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

this sucks.

woke up at 8am to have breakfast with desmond.
return home and the first thing i felt like doing was sleeping.

so i took a 2hr nap.

now i'm trying to fix my damned laptop which crashed a few days ago. i've got this feeling i'm gonna lose my life my wasting my precious weekend sitting in front of the damned laptop trying to fix it.


Friday, October 19, 2007

what a damned screwed up day.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

have been feeling better lately.

certain issues have been settled and i promise not to let it happen again.

went out with sherman, hendry, hanwei, edward and jonnie. somehow i feel alive again. evern though we are all from different platoons, we fit together quite well. (sherman and jonnie are in the same RHIBs platoon as me)

went to borders with them on friday hoping to get some mudpie, but that wasnt successful. in the end went to paragon for some cakes but i left even before we got a table.

i've been summoned by her royal highness, princess julia, to pasir ris.
a simple carrot cake and sugar cane juice at bedok market is actually COMPARABLE to a $800 buffet. :-)

then today after leaving camp, we went to suntec. had some coffee at gloria jeans followed by some ice cream at andersen's.

things are really starting to look better for me.

"Life is not like a novel. It can end any moment, and it's sad how someone can work so hard and yet at the end of the day, has no one to wait for him."

Thursday, October 4, 2007

well done sharon. well done.

ask me go out walk walk but dont tell me we'll be "walk walking" in town area.

and so i was made to feel so under-dressed with polo tee, berms and SLIPPERS.

oh well.

although i finally get to eat tiramisu!

and thanks to sharon, i have a very upset stomach now. great plan it was. to mix carrot juice with vitagen and yakult.

and i got to see something interesting too.

sharon pointed my attention to this particular teenage girl who probably is still in secondary school. if i just mentioned that she's wearing tube-top and mini-skirt, it's not easy to see why she deserves so much attention.

the thing is, her mini-skirt is so mini that her crack was showing. it was so mini that the skirt almost couldnt cover her ass. any shorter, she might as well be walking around naked.

and the skirt has two words on her ass. "RIDE ME"



red words on black background.



teens nowadays.

yea, i'm commenting on those TEENS because i'm no longer a TEEN. i'm nowhere. neither here nor there.

20 is no longer young enough to a teen and yet not old enough to an adult.

so i'm neither here nor there.

"He found Ivy Elgin as troubling as she was alluring. If her innocence sometimes seemed to approach the immaculate, Billy warned himself that in her heart, as in the heart of every man and woman, must be a chamber where light didnt reach, where a calming silence could not be achieved."
"Men had a genius for arranging their own damnation, but few if any were capable of their own salvation."

i get jealous easily.i know it's bad. it's a personality defect that i'm trying to fix.
why didnt i come with a warranty card?

anyway, it's pretty interesting how some people will leave a message for you not on your phone or email, but somewhere else where you wouldnt go check unless notified. and so unaware of the message, you get screwed for not replying.

like WTF.
i finally got to watch the movie "knocked up". and it's cool. and a little disgusting too.

i now fully understand the danger of driving when you're not mentally sound. as mentioned earlier. i'm pretty much frustrated by a number of things, so yesterday's driving lesson was hell. i wasnt able to concentrate fully. i was so close to getting involved in some accidents.

today, inspired by neil humphrey's book, i went to explore the toa payoh area with my bike. visited the toa payoh park, which was formerly a bus interchange. pretty cool place. peaceful place actually. anyway, i carried on with the journey and turned left after CHIJ Toa Payoh before the phillips factory. went all the way up to the SLF building only to be welcomed by the sign "No shortcut to Thomson Rd".


so turned back and cycled on. turned left at Toa Payoh Rise and viola! i'm at thomson rd. was tempted to travel to the hougang/serangoon area on my bike. maybe even sengkang/compassvale through the park connectors. but my butt was protesting already.

so i made a detour and went to bishan park. saw a couple of old folks drawing portraits of the scenery. and they are really good at that like how alexandria is good at drawing manga stuff.

went home to try drawing. i think i'll just have to be satisfied with my stick figures.

"If the universe was a cold mechanism, if life was a journey from one empty blackness to another, he would not rant at God, because to do so was no more effective than screaming for help in the vacuum of deep space where sound could not travel, or like trying to draw breath underwater. But now, given any excuse to vent his fury on people, he had seized the opportunity with disturbing enthusiasm."

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


somehow i manage to lose about a week's worth of posts. but nevermind, i'll just carry on with whatever posts i have.

right i'm just very frustrated with my leave. the system kept getting change every week. so i'm on leave again today and tomorrow.

why bother asking us to keep replanning our leave when at the end of the day, we are "assigned" our leave.


some of my friends might notice that recently these couple of months, i'm walking around with a little black book. like a mini-diary. i cant possibly blog anytime anywhere. so i'm writing in my little black book.

if anybody are lucky enough to peep into that book, you'll realise that what i blog about is a watered down version of what i really want to talk about.

on a random note, i'll follow julia's advice and go on out with that friend of mine. who knows something good will come out of it.

went cycling today. tried to be a little adventurous, so i cycled towards macritchie reservoir.

along the way, i stopped at the former Westlake Primary School. i was there for the first six months of my primary one year.

i wasnt able to enter the school compounds, so i just stayed outside and stared at the building.


i remember recess time was spent playing soccer along the front porch and we would dig out whatever rubbish we could find from the rubbish bin to use as a ball. sometimes when the "ball" dropped into drain nearby, we would have to be lowered down by other friends to pick it up.

i went to take a look at the drain. maybe i've grown bigger. maybe the drain has been made shallower. but somehow the drain seemed so small. i tried to visualise a primary one kid climbing in and out to get the plastic bottle out.

there used to be a fish pond at the rear of the school where the secondary school kids will come to buy fish snacks at 20cts each to feed the fish. and soemtimes one of them will get pushed into the pond by the rest. then the janitor will come out and start yelling at them. most of the time the kids managed to escape before being hauled by the janior to the principal's office.

back then i wanted to grow up to become those kids. to return to the primary school to feed the fishes. but i transferred to kuo chuan presbyterian priamry school six months later.

speaking of the principal's office, i had a very close brush with it as a kid. back then i didnt know what a prefect is. and the head prefect caught me eating along the classroom corridor and he wanted to bring me to the teachers' office.

of course i struggled and he ask me, "you know who i am? i'm the head prefect!"
the ignorant me replied, "I dont know what is that! i dont care!"

we got into a scuffle and i punched the poor fellow right on his cheek and he started bleeding in the gums. somehow he suddenly grew very strong and dragged me to the principal's office. the principal was in a meeting so i was told to wait outside the office.

i remember i grew impatient and decided i dont need to see the principal, so i just walked off.



i the cycled up braddell hill but turned back after seeing there were no pavements. the cars were speeding for crying out loud.

so i carried on to macritchie reservoir and relaxed there for a while.

maybe i'll do that again tomorrow.

"Her anguish was so intense that it had scrapped her nerves raw, until a murmur of commiseration was like a scream to her, until a loving hand scorched like a branding iron."