Friday, January 30, 2009

alamak. this chinese new year is quite boring as compared to previous ones.

let's see, first day of the new year, didnt do much. since i slept at around 3am that day, i only woke up later at around 11am. stoned at home, then all my father's friends came over. they came over and started gambling at 3pm. they didnt leave till the next day morning at around 3am plus. goodness gracious me. so therefore i only slept at around that same time too.

second day. i actually woke up at 11am, but decided that i wanna laze around in bed. so did that till around 12.30pm. woke up, washed up and went cycling. then came home showered and changed. went to the girlfriend's aunt's place.

third day. start of school. nothing much. bullshit with my classmates about the "Awww... So sweet" scandal.

forth day. spent my entire ang pao money on two textbooks totalling $103. sigh. Materials Science and Life Science. I better get at least an A- for both that subjects. and sophia sms-ed me at night asking if i'm interested to go wilson's place to play mahjong the next day. i told her, "You give me the money to play, and i'll pon my afternoon lectures."

fifth day. sophia didnt give me any money, so went for lectures. broke my nail while doing lab experiments. and i dont even keep long nails to begin with. had to remove the broken nail fragment with my jack-knife. almost tore my hair out while doing the physics online assignment.

goodness, you just type an extra spacing and your answer is wrong. i tried to give my professor some feedbacks but all those emails just bounced back to me with the message, "Unable to deliver mail to recipients."


Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Printed the wrong notes for my elective lecture. Therefore blogging away.

Anyway, i dont understand why the lecturer had to use so much pictures and colours in his slides. A bloody 8 pages powerpoint is a bloody 7mb.

Just stood there and waited for the school printer to print the notes at a rate of 1page every 1min.

Hope things will be getting better.

Monday, January 12, 2009

hahaha. i feel like a bloody noob.
supposed to be having lecture on digital lifestyle. But due to the boring-ness of the lecture and the bloody phone conversation last night, i have lost the mood to carry on listening to the lecture. Partly another reason is because i have been having lectures and tutorials non-stop from 2.30pm onwards. I've already ran out of my attention-span.

I cant believe she can be so petty and get angry over a stupid joke which SHE started in the first place. I really cant stand how she throws a temper tantrum as and when she likes. Kinda makes me feel that whatever she told me in the past are just pure bullshit. Payment of lip service.

Perhaps i should let her know about the existence of my blog. So she can read through my past entries to get to know what kind of person i really am. It's not that i'm intentionally hiding the fact that i have a blog. Just that she never asked. So there it is.

I'm just pretending to be very understanding and full of patience in front of her. Truth be told, i'm running on a very short fuse all the time. I wonder what makes me want to endure her nonsense all this while.

Perhaps i should just go on and shout and yell into her face. Just to give her a piece of my mind. But then again, that's just not me. I'm pretty sure all my friends have never seen me doing some form of outburst before. No need for me to start breaking a record in that department.

I didnt post the reason we got into this argument in the first place because i feel that it was a really stupid stupid reason to start a fight. And that is also why i was caught off-guard when she just slammed the phone down on me. I thought she was just playing around.


I just need to get all of these off my chest.

The Click Five
"Just The Girl"

She's cold and she's cruel but she knows what she's doing
She pushed me in the pool at our high school reunion
She laughs at my dreams, but I dream about her laughter
Strange as it seems, she's the one I'm after

Cause she's bittersweet
She knocks me off my feet
And I can't help myself
I don't want anyone else
She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep coming back for more
She's just the girl I'm looking for

She can't keep a secret for more than an hour
She runs on one hundred proof attitude power
And the more she ignores me the more I adore her
What can I do? I'd do anything for her

Cause she's bittersweet
She knocks me off my feet
And I can't help myself
I don't want anyone else
She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep coming back for more
She's just the girl I'm looking for

The way she sees it's me
On her caller ID
She won't pick up the phone
She'd rather be alone
But I can't give up just yet
Cause every word she's ever said
Is still ringing in my head
Still ringing in my head

after what happened last night, felt the need to post some super emo songs. haha.

but never mind. this song is light-hearted and best describes everything.

crosses finger.

blessed or cursed? you decide.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

school started. had some bad news yesterday. kinda made me feel like everything i worked so hard for just went to waste. oh well, must try to see the positive side of everything.

modules are ok. took up digital lifestyle as an elective. pretty interesting. maybe i'll try my hands on foreign languages in the next few semester. though the only troublesome UE is the business one.

but perhaps the most horrible module so far is life sciences. i guess in every semester you are destined to have lecturers who mumbles with a very heavy accent. this nice spanish lady just read the words off her slides. silently. i cant hear her. and her accent is making everything worse.

it doesnt help that i have never taken biology before in my entire 21 years of existence. crap.

and i have to endure 2 hours of her lecture each week. half an hour into the lecture and i have already taken out my psp, edison was playing word challenge on his laptop and aini was playing junyi's psp.


at least materials science is fun. british lecturer. pokes fun at everything. he used little red and blue balls to demonstrate how atoms and molecules interact and so on and so forth.

he takes them out and said, "Can you see my balls?"

roars of laughter rippled through the lecture theater.

"Alright alright. You may come to see me after the lecture if you still have some questions. you may take a look at my atom model too. but for the love of god, please dont damage my balls."

haha. need i say more?

you know what song i would really love to listen to right now?
"Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis.

need to get a haircut soon.

derrick commented that i've grown a natural helmet over my head.
cant be that bad.
i think.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

ok so the new year is here.

decided to stop being lazy and post some things up just in case i forget them and need to have some reference in the future. the girlfriend has a tendency to ask things like "Do you remember what we did on our first date?"

stuff like that.

christmas 2008.
two words: interesting and overwhelmed.

celebrated it with the girlfriend's "family". somehow they all knew each other since they were very young and now they're all family friends.

so ok.

cant remember what we did during the day. but by evening went over to her godparents place, which i cant remember where it is too. met some of her friends other than her godsis. i brough a bottle of wine but i felt that wasnt enough when i saw that they actually practice gift exchanging.

they're from New Zealand anyway. so yeah. christmas is a big thing for westerners.

my firsl real authentic christmas dinner. with all the turkey and ham and everything.

i was so overwhelmed that i kinda forgot to take some pictures. and whatever picture that were taken they're still being held hostage by the girlfriend. since they're all in her camera.

went home at 1 plus. in the morning.

if i didnt remember wrongly, we went out again on 26th and 27th. cant remember what we did.

singapore is too small for anything fun. and anything that is fun requires an obscene amount of money.

though i think it was the 27th that i went over to the girlfriend's grandparents' place for dinner. met almost all of her extended family. aunts and uncles and everything. overwhelmed. hands were shaking badly. partly from the weight-lifting exercise in the morning and partly the nervous-ness of meeting her family. i kept dropping food onto the table even when i'm using spoons.


new year's eve

went down to meet gary to discuss the possibility of me working part time for him to help him handle his overseas customers.

he's hoping i can help him out with those overseas customers so his full-time staff can handle the suppliers.

but after thinking through, i dont think i have the time to do so.
heavy workload.

then went over to the girlfriend's place to wait for her mum to be ready. then we went over to another one of their family friends' place for BBQ dinner. AMK. quite near my place.

met the full gang of her friends. all of them. they're all 24 and 25 years old. and they THOUGHT i'm older than them. because they said the guys they know that's of my age are all busy getting drunk.

well, i dont know about them. but i have only ONE liver. and i intend to use it for a pretty long time. :-)

since it was a condo, there was a playground there. but. i dont know. nowadays playground designs are so weird. i have no idea how to "play" them.

the girlfriend standing on top while we trying to figure out how to "play" the damned thing. not sure if you are even supposed to stand or sit on it. or whatever.

after the BBQ we all went upstairs into the apartment to play monopoly with her godsis and younger godbrother. the rest of her friends had already left.

there wasnt enough space so i stood while the 4 of them sat and play.

sidetrack: the girlfriend's mother, godmother and some friends, relatives referring to themselves as "in-laws" already. my god la.

eg. during the BBQ, when one of her mum's friend asked why i wasnt drinking, i replied that i want to remain sober. then the friend asked again, "Why cannot drink? mother-in-law say you cannot drink ah?"

ahh... whatever la...

let them have their cheap thrill.

so anyway during the monopoly game, one of her mum's friends or her aunt came over and took my hand and placed it on the girfriend's back. her godmother walked past and smacked my hand. "No! Godmother-in-law only allow shoulders! No more lower!"

sigh. framed.

oh well. but their apartment has a great view of the fireworks. only went home at almost 3am.

and somewhere in between went on a double date with julia and her boyfriend. and how can i forget me and julia actually spent valentine's last year. because we were like the only single people around and went to watch barney with her. (all inspirations from her blog, deserves some mentioning.) and maybe somewhere a short discrete mentioning of how i was woken up at 3am in the morning one or two years ago. XD

this year's valentine's we'll all be busy with our own stuff.. :-)

my GPA of 2.63. needs a lot of work this semester onwards. serious work.