Sunday, August 31, 2008

ok. i want to try to sum up what happened over the past month.

so everything will be in random order.

let's see.

we have the Singapore Fireworks Festival. caught it on a wet friday night with baby. i think that was last friday.

the day before we met for lunch at jurong point. i feel so bad that she has to travel all the way to boon lay all the time to meet up with me.

so yesterday i went to crash her lecture at her school. just to keep her company. and had a crash course in accounting. didnt really understood what the lecturer was saying. but oh well. almost had to have lunch with her friends.

speaking of which, her mother is asking me to join them for dinner or something one of these days.


haha. my baby freaked out when HER mother wants to meet me. i wonder how's she going to react when my parents want to meet her.


and on one of the wednesdays, we went to east coast park.

we went to the beach.

had dinner at a japanese/korean restaurant.

then we just sat on the breakwater and stoned and, well just kinda stoned there till pretty late. good thing we were able to catch the last bus home. at least she caught the last bus home. by the time we reached her place, i had to get a cab home.

i have no idea how to rotate a picture so screw it. go turn your head 90deg. it was on the newspapers. the photographer is really really good to get this angle. took a picture of that while i was having POE lecture.

school sucks.

i still have not gotten used to all the rushing between north and south spine. why is my lecture theatre all the way at the southern most tip of the south spine and all my tutorial rooms at the northern most tip of the north spine?

and i need to find a way to understand "Black Body Radiation" from quantum physics in TWO WEEKS or i'll be screwed for my test. HA. I haven't even figured out anything from geometric optics. so i AM screwed.

why did i choose engineering in the first place?


couldnt study today because too many good shows on tv and my bloody tuition kid changed his tuition time to TODAY. and he informed me yesterday. i should just strangle him. what is X*X? his answer is 2X.

one of the thursdays i woke my baby up at 8am. she always sleeps till at least 11am. that pig. (cant let her know i said that :-P)

went straight to cathay cineleisure to watch "Meet Dave". at 10am in the morning. and we had the whole cinema to ourself. :-)

finally got myself a laptop bag.

ahh, yes. i've finally lost my train of thoughts. shall continue some other time.


"I'll need a... a credit card that's got no limit
And a big black jet with a bedroom in it
Gonna join the mile high club
At thirty-seven thousand feet"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two awesome videos I'd like to share with everyone.

"The Good die young, but the Pricks live FOREVER!"

"Boom DE AH DAH!!!"

Monday, August 25, 2008

never run in a library.

1. you disturb other people's peace.
2. you make a nuisance out of yourself.
3. you might fall.

you might just trip your left foot with right foot and fall on your face with such a great force, not only do you make a nuisance out of yourself, you provided comic relief for hundreds, if not thousands of students there.

i was in a mad rush to print my notes.

i love the lee wee nam library.

i'm the year 1 engineering student who fell flat on his face in the lee wee nam library.

comic relief.


and i won $2 easily in a bet today just by not doing anything.

math lecture.
lecturer was teaching limits.

f(x)= (x^3-1)/(x-1)

where x can never be 1.

and vijay asked why.

i told him that the denominator can never be zero.

he didnt believe me. i used my hp's calculator to show him. the result was:
"Unable to divide by 0"

he still didnt believe me.

and so he said, "I bet you $2 it will work on a proper calculator."

so he took alan's scientific calculator and punched in "0/0". the result was:
"math ERROR"


his reply was: "F**K!"

i earned $2 just by doing nothing.

unable to pay attention in lectures these few days.

last thursday's POE lecture was spent sleeping away.

last friday's Computing lecture was spent playing solitaire on my laptop.

today's eff. comm. lecture was spent reading newspaper and doing the sudoku puzzle.

and there is an assignment for today's eff. comm. lecture.
one REFLECTION ESSAY to be submitted in week 11. this is week 4.

i'm gonna take my own sweet time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This sucks.

It's unfair to pile all these pressure on me.

I might as well just go quit school and go work full-time.

I hate these.

Now I really really want out. Not that I'm selfish or anything.

I'm really not paid enough to worry about so much stuff.

My output is exponentially higher than my input. It's not even because I can't control myself. People just choose to be blind and deaf at all the convenient times.

So from now on, I'm also going to be blind and deaf at all the convenient times.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thanks man. You guys really fucked it up for me.

Falling sick

Friday, August 15, 2008

Warning: This is a very angry post. If you cant take vulgarities, just fuck the hell off.

today is a very bad day.


i cant believe it. it's like almost the worst possible thing that can happen to me.

only three bloody weeks. as a matter of fact, not even three full weeks and this shit happens.

and to think i put in so much effort and sacrifices.

i thought good things always happen to good guys?

so i'm not good enough?

what the fuck!

it's really like pure rage.

i am so blinded by rage.

i cant believe it.


not even three bloody weeks and this happens.

you have just got to be fucking kidding me.


this really turns me off.

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great. Just great.

Class has been cancelled last minute. So now i have 2 bloody hours of break and i dont know what to do with it.

Last night after dinner, we went to the airport again. Seems like the only peaceful and quiet place with a nice ambience left in Singapore. We were at the esplanade, but it started drizzling.

Well, things are getting more and more passionate and wilder and wilder. I'd better be careful. The both of us might just get too carried away and i might just accidentally make my baby pregnant. Heh. Then i'm gonna be in a whole lot of trouble.

She was still joking we should just go get a room next saturday.

Effective Communication was interesting. Talked about things like how nobody says anything when i guy holds a girl's hand or when a girl holds another girl's hand. But when a guy holds another guy's hand, everybody starts jumping around.

Found out an interesting fact today. NIE, at 16ha, is just a fraction of the entire university campus.

Explains why i'm getting lost so often.

I've also settled into the habit of wearing just shirt, shorts and sandals to school.

So far the only headache is wondering which ECA should i join. Should i even join one?

Monday, August 11, 2008


i sneezed out blood today.

horrible and disgusting.

speaking of blood. the student i'm teaching now for tuition really makes me feel like vomitting blood.

he didnt believe me when i told him 0/3=0.

that bugger friggin pressed the calculator to check!!

what an insult to me!!

and he's retaking E-Math!! i have nothing to say.
Last night...

Last night was just... magical.. fantastic.. and a little on the wild side..

words cant even begin to describe what happened.

it was a crime of passion, or maybe a passionate crime.

but for what it's worth, it was very passionate.

we laughed ourselves silly over it.

just making me miss my baby even more.

i have a torn lip from last night.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A tribute to one of the greatest computer games of all times. Man i feel like playing them again. too bad they dont run on Vista. :-(


Yesterday i sat through five numbing hours of lecture which i completely catch no ball. i dont understand why must the school cram 4 subject lectures into one day. my braincells are dying!

I didnt understand a thing about chemistry, which didnt help when it's one of my least favourite subjects.

Laksa Man didnt understand the Computing Lecture.

We both didnt understand the Math and Physics. Complex Numbers and Geometric Optics??

I'm gonna die.

at least managed to meet baby for lunch.

gonna see her again tomorrow.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yesterday and today's lectures are very bad. Yesterday went to school just to attend 1hr of physics lecture at 11.30am. Today went to school just attend one 2hrs economics lecture at 4.30pm.

So thanks to my baby who let me wake her up at 7am to go hang out with me. I thought today's gonna be quite relaxed. Who knows we ended up having lunch at Jack's Place.

What a hole to burn in my wallet.

And i was late for my lecture.

Cant wait to meet her again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This is so damn cool!

I'm blogging with my mobile phone.

Anyway, school is pretty hectic and my timetable is pretty screwed up. So i'll just have to suck it all ur for the first year, if not the first semester.

Found out that i'm in the same lecture group as Laksa Man. So far, every single day is spent getting lost in school. Hope this will come to an end very soon. Really sick and tired of getting lost.

My Computing Lectures is very obsessed with Chapter 3. I hope we start Chapter 3 real soon, so he can stop talking about it. I'll also need to bring my windbreaker with me to lectures. Goodness, it's freezing.

Saw Gareth in school today. He's doing accounting. I really really like to chat with him. And so he asked me, "are you staying in hostel?"
Me: "No. Why?"
Gareth: "Cheebye! You stay so fucking far and you dont want to live in hostel?"

Like i said, i really really like to chat with him.

Ok, enough. My thumbs are dying from typing this entire entry from my mobile phone. Thank goodness for predictive text input.