Sunday, July 29, 2007

"I was chosen to lead, not read."

heh heh.
the preivous two half-day offs were spent watching the simpsons movie with my RHIBs team and going to the LAN shop with them.

i got owned at playing DoTA and CS. Battlefield 2 was quite ok. the reason i got owned in CS is because Gary is such a noob. he gets killed the moment he respawn. so it was one against two for me. not a fair trade-off. the moment i killed one of them, another one appears behind me to finish me off.

at least team fortress was more fun. like how i have the two newbies playing with me while sherman and jon gang up as spies to infiltrate us and finish us off.

got a couple of new psp games from the newbies SSC12 people. Burnout Dominator is really a lot better than the other version, Burnout Legends, that i played earlier. and i finally got myself a copy of Need For Speed: Carbon. i think i kinda screwed up the compression of the files so the game is kinda laggy.

went out with zelda and elaine yesterday to go watch the NDP preview fireworks. too bad all the fireworks were fired in the same direction so smoke from previous fireworks obscured the others.

hmm. wonder when i'll meet elaine again. it's quite interesting to note that she has studied in Switzerland for a year already. so we'll most probably meet up again a year later?


i NEED and i WANT to watch Rush Hour 3!
i need movie date(s)!

oh yes, and i supposed to blog about how cute julia is.


she's cute. there, i did my civic duty.


back to my psp

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


i guess the whole issue is not to do things that you will regret in the future. but since the future is unpredictable, who's to guarantee that the choices you make today will not be the worst regret tomorrow?
on a random note though, was listening to the song "Lullaby" by Sean Mullins on my PSP yesterday when julia messaged me something. some parts of the song perfectly reflects things i need to know.

desmond used this song to cheer his gf up when her father passed away from cancer. the whole bunch of us were sitting at the back of the wake when desmond just suddenly took out his guitar and sang this song.

"and just before she hangs her head down to cry,
i sang to her
a Lullaby.

Everything's gonna be alright,

and then at that point she just burst out crying and held on to him.
desmond was guilt-stricken for making his gf cry. but a few days later, she called him to tell him that he did the right thing by singing that song.
so i didnt choose the wrong word earlier. "Cheer"
just some random thoughts.

Friday, July 20, 2007

"I'm like a shooting star that has gone too far to return to its origins."

the point of no return.
i HAVE been trying to avoid that. i dont want to appear to be too close.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"If you wish for something hard enough, the fairy tales teach us, you can get it in the end. But it's hardly ever the way you thought it would be, and the endings aren't always the happy ones"

something to ponder over..

on another note, i have been trying to read up on engineering stuff in preparation of my university entrance next year.

honestly speaking, i feel nauseaous every time i stare at all the numbers and theories. gosh, i can feel a fever burning up.

but interestingly, there are those little notes on the side of the pages that showed the mathematical inconsistencies. one showed an example of how 2x2=5.

really interesting. i'm gonna go to the library one of these days to look for books on mathematical inconsistencies.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

"The pheromone levels in the male indicate he wants to mate with the female."
ahh yes.. some nice transformers movie to get the blood circulation going. but of course, there was also the movie Die Hard 4.0. now that's a GREAT movie. old school action movies, but it's still great.
harry potter and the order of phoenix was a disappointment. went to watch with G on the premier night and unfortunately, we got the first row seat and those were right on the extreme right.
i did find out that rush hour 3 is coming out.looking for movie dates!
FINALLY started my driving lessons. very fun. other than the old man(driving instructor) sitting next to me saying things like:
"Too slow"
"Too fast"
"Too early"
"Too late"
just as i thought that guy's vocab is limited to words that start with "too something",
"Why are you still in gear two?"
"Half-Clutch! Half-Clutch! Half-Clutch! NO NO NO! Clutch IN! FORGET IT JUST BRAKE!"(sounded as though i'm a reckless drunk driver)
"Just carry on and turn at bend No.30. Why didnt you stop?" (you just told me to carry on and turn!)
"Driving is like walking up stairs. you forget about the steps you climbed. So now i want you to just forget what you learned in previous lessons. OI! Why you drive off like that? What did you learn in your previous lessons?"(i guess i just forgot about them)
quite sad.
these few weeks have been a STRAIGHT downhill ride for me at work.
i need luck, miracle and everything else positive.
"Uh roger. That's a Flag Charlie, over"
"Negative, negative. hear you distorted. please repeat last. A what Charlie?"

Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Baby wont you take a ride with me, and be the girl of my fantasy?"
yesterday was a good day. relatively.
after booking out, went straight to Plaza Singapura with Gary and Jonathan to have pizza at Pizza Hut. after having to endure pre-packed cookhouse food for 14wks in a row, i felt like i was in heaven.
Super Supreme Pizza and Super Supreme Hawaiian Pizza, both in Cheesy Lava Stuffed Crust Pizza.
Beef Lasagne.
Ice Cream Floats.
Garlic Bread.
oh man..
i was in food heaven..
and not to mention the waitress too. :-)
'Cos there's this really cute waitress working there and we kinda sort of ended up flirting with her. her name was wan ting or yan ting, cant remember. but when i tried to confirm with her, she said, "Never mind. can just call me ting ting."
that ended up in an up-roar among the other guys.
"oooh jeff, flirting ah."
and when we left, she came out to see us off too.
again.. "oooh jeff, flirting ah. she likes you sia."
"no lah jon. she likes you cos she can see you're the rich one. sixth avenue. your own BMW 625i Coupe."
Gary: "What about me?"
and we all shut up about him.
was out cycling just now and decided to try to talk this girl. so i went up to her and introduced myself.
"hi i'm jeff. erm. i would like to get to know you."
and she ran off. (she was jogging)
what a blow to my self-confidence.
watched "Die Hard 4.0" last night witha friend.
GREAT movie.
a good balance of action and humour.
anybody wanna watch again? let me know.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

"I'm talking about the dragon, Shrek!"
tough luck.
i wonder when things will go back to normal.
just now, i decided to go ease off my pressure the only way i know how.
cycling. and doing so at night just made me feel better too.
was going through the bishan park and that made me realised that the "Romancing Singapore!" campaign IS working. so many couples locked in embraces. i even saw this couple walking out of a bush with the guy adjusting his zippers.
i was probably sticking out like a sore thumb and ruining everything.
imagine a couple haveing a go behind some bushes and suddenly they hear some noisy noise speeding towards them. they got up, got dressed, walked out just to find some guy zooming past on a bike.
so next if anybody see me on a bike zooming around with earphones blasting punk rock music from my mp3 player, i'm either in a rush to get somewhere or feeling very depressed.
such depression made me feel like calling some friends up and have a little chat just to soothe my angry soul. but unfortunately, the number of friends i am close enough to call for that purpose is very little, and they are a ll busy with their own problems.
so i'm keeping everything to myself. like a boiling cauldron with the lid sealed in tightly.
went out with julia and wendy to supposedly get a new cologne and a new wallet. but nothing smells right and nothing looks right.
went home empty handed. except for the few snacks i bought at Marks & Spencer. and the damned milk chocolate biscuits have melted by the time i reach home.

a bucket to catch every single teardrop that i cry...
test test..

blogging through email..


Sunday, July 1, 2007

found an amulet in drawer jsut now. given to me by a friend last year.

with so much nonsense happening these few weeks, i need all the luck i can get.


i need a miracle.