Sunday, September 20, 2009

just watched some videos on our very own Ms Singapore, Ris Low, on youtube.

funny as hell.

and i think i know some of my friends who will actually act the same way as her.


like how they hope their "bigini" will go "boomz"!

and how they go on and on about some superstar and call that fella a childhood hero when nothing was known at all.

"show the world that not all beautiful people are bimbotic."

too late. you just went "boomz" with her.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

feeling a little better after having a chat with edison.

seems like the conclusion he gave me was to just open up a confrontation.

i don't know. i need more advice. but at the moment i'm really feeling better already.

wonder how long that can last..
went to meet up with the girlfriend yesterday.

thought everything was going fine till her phone went off at 12am. a quick peek and i saw the caller id display as a "jason-something".

this is the guy i heard from her and her friends that's always studying with her and always calling and msn-ing her.

yeah i'm jealous. susrprisingly, it's not the guy i wanna kill. it's the girlfriend i wanna kill.

if you want to reject a call, pick up the phone and reject it.

don't pick up the phone, freak out upon seeing the name, half-shouting half-muttering "oh shit!", look at me nervously a few times, drop the phone and pick it up to finally press the reject button.

i love my peripheral vision. i can see everything that's happening. "love" the guilty look on her face and how she fumbles along.

oh, and did i mention, the fella called again and again? till i was so pissed that i just stood up and went home.

what kind of guy will call a girl at 12am in the morning? again and again even after being rejected? and why would a girl freak out and panic upon seeing the guy's name that she had to fumble and drop her phone to reject the call?

whenever any of the girlfriend's friends call her, regardless of what she was doing, she'll always pick up the call. even if she's very busy, just to tell them she's busy.

last night was the first time i saw her freaking out over a phone call.


i'm going to kill her.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heh heh.. Jia Hao trying to introduce girls to me..

Today the one he introduced not bad. Very sweet looking. Too bad I've already forgotten her name.

Oh well, gotta wait till next Tuesday's lecture to talk to her again..

Woohoo!! Yesterday managed to ask wei ting for her number.. :-)

Later chatted for a little while last night.. :-)

Haven't had a proper phone conversation in a very long while.. Glad that there is still some normalcy in my life..

Friday, September 4, 2009

i'm supposed to be angry with my girlfriend. Her attitude and such.

But i'm just too tired to be angry.

I can't believe how exhausted I am.

Yesterday, Sophia asked me to join her go star-gazing at the rooftop of the School of Arts, Design and Media.

I should have went.