Friday, November 30, 2007

two off days.

yesterday and today.

then it's back to camp on sunday morning.

i find myself feeling very restless.

very bad withdrawal symptoms i guess.

i'm feeling restless because i'm unable to go out with friends. not that i dont want to. but because i just cant.

lack of money.

the everton-sunderland match last weekend allowed me to win $15 through soccer betting. but that's about it. and i used it all in one night on the movie "Fred Claus" and the cab ride back to camp.

unknowingly, sherman is right. i'm running away from my problems.
another two days leave next friday and saturday.
hope i would have found something to do by then.

"Insanity is not evil, but all evil is insane. Evil itself is never funny, but insanity sometimes can be. We need to laugh at the irrationality of evil , for in doing so we deny evil's power over us, diminish its influence in the world, and tarnish the allure it has for some people."

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Until recently I had rarely used alcohol to calm my nerves - but now it is my cure of first resort.

"Laughter is a balm for the afflicted. the best defence against despair, the only medicine for melancholy"

the chili powder. bubbling hot chorizo, the sweet fragranceof tortillas made with masi harina, cilantro bell peppers, the astringent tang of jalapeno chili, onions..

great meal that made us perspire a lot

Friday, November 23, 2007


massive headache that seemed to come out of nowhere and jumbled up all my thoughts.

but the main thing is that somehow, all my team-mates seemed to know about her. apparently we have a mutual friend who is also in the navy. and ALL my team-mates WANT me to disassociate myself with her.

i wonder why.

i was pretty down.

but time has kinda numb my senses. i even got to go fishing with kevin, shannon, zhi xiang and robert. we only managed to catch one fish because that fish then bit the nlon string and swam away with our ONLY hook.

what a waste of time and effort. and we spent so much time cooking ourselves under the hot sun.

"I thanked her for calling, and we promised to keep in touch. When i laid down the cell phone next to the pizza, i stared at the muted TV and grudgingly admitted to myself that i missed her."


i have no idea how sherman managed to persuade me to go have a game of soccer with Team 1.

i shouldnt have went. big mistake. Team 1 members were all very big in size.

Tommy from Team 1 came up to me and complained, "Why are you playing left flank? I'm gonna have trouble defending against you."

next thing i know, i was running down the left side with the ball and something slammed into me. making me fall. Tommy. nothing happened to him.

and he complained again, "Felt like i kena rammed by a truck sia."

i wonder who's the one getting rammed by a truck.

on my second attempt to break through the left flank, Xiang Hui came to tackle me. somebody yelled hor his name and he turned back. didnt see my running into him.

he SLAMMED into me with such force that i FLEW backwards.

i literally flew.

my goodness.

horrible game.

now my whole neck and back muscles are sore and hurting.

"Reality is a perception. Perceptions change. Reality is fluid. So if by 'reality' you mean reliably tangible objectsm then there's no such thing."


i wonder when do i start turning to alcohol to calm my nerves. spent so much time and money on drinking the past two weeks and i thought i'm gonna stay off alcohol for at least one or two months.

then on monday jon and i got bacardi/rum.


i hope i'm not adiccted to alcohol and become an alcoholic.

on monday i also reviewed how much money i spent so far and i realised that within 7 days of my payday, i've already spent 80% to 85% of my pay.


gotta learn to manage my wealth.

"He sensed that every screwball statement she made was not, in fact, half as screwball as it seemed . Even in her most air headed statments. an elusive truth was lurking. If he could just step back from her, put aside the misconception of her that he had already formed, he would see her entirely differently from that he saw her now."

how true.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

carried on from previous post.
too lazy to post the rest of the suntec/bugis photos.
so today went to watch "bee movie" with julia.
kind of "thank goodnes" too. otherwise i would have lost my sanity. after being oppressed, i cant stop talking.
and i ended up with sore neck muscles.

and how i ended up carrying someone else's bag and thus making me look so stupid.
professional 18 wheeler truck driver for hire. speaking of which, i got into an accident while on driving lesson yesterday. lol. an accident even before i got my license. not my fault though.
so sad and depressing.
woke up today with a bloody burning fever, slight flu and a bloody hangover.
i guess my hangover was caused by the fact that i was falling sick.
and all the sad lies that i have to listen to.

but they are now all behind me. if i cant make the problems disappear, then i shall disappear from the problems.

ok. just some pics of what my gang and i did last week.

ah damned it.

something's not right with blogger. post the rest of the photos in the next post

Sunday, November 11, 2007

synopsis of the movie "elizabethtown":
Hours after a ruinous product debut devastates his career, suicidal industrial designer Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom) learns of his father's sudden death. As the only son, Drew must travel to their small hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky to attend his father's memorial. On the flight to Kentucky, Drew meets Claire (Kirsten Dunst), a quick-witted flight attendant, who helps him navigate the rough waters ahead and proves that amazing things happen when you least expect them.

as mentioned earlier, one of my favourite movies is "elizabethtown".

even though julia finds it boring.

i like kirsten dunst's character Claire Colburn. i want to get to know a girl like her.

so interesting, so fun. so unpredictable. so understanding of people.

orlando bloom's character said something to kirsten dunst's character.
something about him not knowing her. how she cannot be fathomed.

so is that good or bad?

i like mystery. but not to the point where.. never mind.

kirsten dunst's character also said that we're all just substitutes.

so stop being a substitute.

slowly fade away into oblivion...
lack of sleep.

well, at least i believe that was the case.

woke up this morning feeling the FULL effect of last night's alcohol. feeling very groggy and cant even walk in a straight line. delayed-reaction. so if i'm feeling drunk today, maybe i'll get the hangover tomorrow.


at least today i dont need to return to camp.
guess i'll just sleep the whole day away.

i asked sherman how was his date last night and he replied, "Didnt even call me".

ha. lol

the whole background story was this:
the both of us were at jurong point when we saw this tw girls that were god-looking. so we went up to chat with them for a while.

FYI, they are at least 19yrs old.

so we talked for a while and exchanged phone numbers.
shermaine and qi qi.
qi qi?
what a cheesy name.

that was on wednesday.

friday afternoon, qi qi calledme while i was in camp and we talked on the phone for a while and she saidwe should meet up on saturday.
sherman faked anger because shermaine didnt call him, so he called her instead and they kind of arranged to meet on saturday too.

and qi qi really called me yesterday at around 2.45pm. and asked to go out. i was already going out with another friend so i turned her down.

sherman's kinda pissed nothing happened on his side.

i wonder how jon and cynthia's doing.

all right. back to bed.
i need to sleep off the drunk-ness.

i feel like switching the damned phone off.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

these few weeks have been kind of interesting.

due to my laptop crashing, i wasnt able to really surf around the net and hang around online. so now whenever i'm online, i'm actually using my parent's laptop.

so i pretty much hung out with friends. and the most direct consequence of that was overspending.


watched a few cool movies too. for example, superbad.

for a movie that's categorised as a "teen sex comedy", it's pretty cool and interesting. the characters lead interesting lives and have interesting ways of handling issues.

and eye candy too.

Emma Stone's character in the movie is Jules, love interest of Seth. and her character reminds me of a friend of mine. with almost the same look and the voice is kinda low.

other female characters arent really that nice. Becca and Fogell's love interest(cant remember the name).

also watched Rendition.
other than the story line, the only two other things i can remember very well are reese witherspoon's performance and a quote that was used by the noth african official
"Hit you woman the first thing every morning. If you dont know why, she will."

then went hang around the orchard area with sherman. hahaha. went to take a look at the night life of orchard tower.


interesting and disgusting at the same time.

i do believe i might be in for a little trouble soon though.

here's what happened:
cynthia sms-ed jon a few days ago saying that the expensive bracelet he bought her a year ago was gone. she lost it while at movida. either when she's dancing or when she's getting into the car of a male friend.

so the whole background story is that jon was MIA-ing himself from cynthia just to play hard to catch.

but he told me later cyn sms-ed him to say she was romantically involved with another guy during his MIA days.

i told him cyn was just being polite when she "informed" him of the missing bracelet, but he choice to believe otherwise.

so i helped him compose a few messages that will sort of make it looks like jon was very angry with her for losing the bracelet. but apparently cynthia was really very distressed about it.


if sharon finds out i was partially at fault, she's gonna kill me.