Thursday, September 25, 2008

these few days are pretty bad.

my phone died on me yesterday. so sent it for repairs. it bare;y lasted 2months before it died. so diappointed with the quality. just gave me all the more reason to want to change to another phone next year.

realise i'm running out of cash to continue my studies for the next academic year. if i make it to year 2 that is. so i need to work. but if i work, i wont be able to study for my tests and exams. this is nuts. all the tests are crammed into october and all the exams immediately in november.

i hope my application for bursary award gets through.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

my financial health just took a turn for the worse.

on a lighter note though, i think i'm being stalked (and harassed too).

whoever you are, stop cyberstalking me. :-)

Friday, September 19, 2008

wow. i was truly pissed off today.

was in the midst of renaming some files in my hp when the screen suddenly displayed "General System Error"

and the next thing i know, i was back at the standby screen.

checked my gallery and to my horror, all my 500plus songs in the hp has been cleared.

i love music so much! how can this happen to me? screwed-up phone.

looks like i'll just have to put up with it for another year before i change it.

so my sights are set on a few phones. Nokia N96 and Samsung Omnia 16GB. If i'm not wrong, it's samsung.

and i'm pissed that all the other phone makers took so long to design their high-capacity phones.

oh well.

and laksa man skipped the first lecture of the day just so he can sleep more. he friggin stays at clementi for crying out loud!

vijay didnt even bother to come to school today. probably the recess week fever.

speaking of which, so many things to do. so many groups to meet up with.

there's assignment 2 for Effective Communication. 300 words

there's AL28 group for the formal lab report. 15 pages

meeting vijay and laksa man for Eff Comm Reflection Paper. 1000 words

A20 group for chemistry. test in the following week.

that's 4 days out of my week gone. and i have to submit my formal lab report the week after the recess. as a matter of fact, i'm having a chemistry test on the same day as my date of submission for my lab report.

and under the instructions for the lab report is one particular line: "Please keep your report under 15 pages. Thank you."

you mean it's possible to write over 15 pages??

i'm not going to have time for any self-entertainment!

and all the tests are crammed into october. and immediately in the beginning of november, the exams are here.

jeez! i'm chrono-phobic now.

and on the topic of tests, had my physics test on wednesday. i mugged till 1 or 2am everyday. and i still have to wake up at 5am later.

and that's the bloody Schrodinger's ONE-DIMENSIONAL TIME-INDEPENDENT equation.
my goodness, this is MADNESS. Imagine having to do and RESOLVE the THREE-DIMENSIONAL TIME-DEPENDENT equation.

i havent even figure what's inside the equation. if i'm not wrong, there's the reduced Planck's constant which is equal to h/2*PI, the second-order derivative of the wave function with respect to displacement with amplitude x. potential energy which will be zero in a time-independent situation. so what is it doing in the equation in the first place? wait a second, where did the "i" come from?

i'm screwed. why did i choose to do engineering?

i'm not really very smart, but then i'm just making up the last part.

and i mugged so hard for my physics test. It was just a bloody TEST and i mugged my ass off. i never studied that hard even for my A levels!

let's not talk about the recess. i cant wait for the SEMESTER break. i hope that will be a real break.

and i almost fell at the bus stop today because i chased after the bus and kinda overshot so e-brake myself.

in the end tripped and almost fell.

what a disgrace, i'm 21 and i'm still having psycho-motor problems.

and i forgot to ask jessica where's her condo. looks like i'll be lost tomorrow.

anyway, here's why guys and girls are different.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crapped with Jocelyn and Yuan Wen all the way home from school. At least the long train rides wont be so boring.

Cant believe another week passed by again. Just last week Sherman came to crash my lecture.

Stop calling me your friend ok? That's very irritating. I know what you really want to say is that you want to be my wallet's best friend. Have you no shame?

You already knew I'm not doing well financially and yet you still keep bothering me like this.

I really don't kNOw how to put it across to you. I've already told you a few times that I want out and yet you still stick around like an irritating fly. I have my limits you kNOw. So if it's NOt too much trouble, please just try to leave me alone.

My goodness...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is gonna be one of those entries that has a random sequence.

So next friday there'll be a barberue in school. Vijay calls it a cohesion thing while Jessica needs to be reminded that cohesion meant bonding. But of course, Jessica and her weird sense of logic. If I'm not wrong, I think I heard her say something like using a hair-dryer to start a fire and etc etc.

When I found out that Aini has Thai blood in her, I commented that that makes her a little exotic. And that Jessica shouted loudly in the train, "Haiyo, how can you say she's erotic so loudly?!"

Good thing everybody heard what I said.

Anyway, I think there's something not right with that Aini. There's Kelvin and that "someone else". Too many "accidents" involving her. Mental note to myself: Keep a sharp lookout for trouble.

And we have the mooncake festival.

I really hate Physics now.

Even Chemistry is starting to get on track.

I'm still thinking whether I should go for tomorrow's Computing make-up lessons. But if I still can't make up my mind by now, it'll more or less means I'm not attending.

A "jerk" is defined as the rate of change of acceleration. So stop calling me that, you moron.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Man always gives up the littlest of comforts for the woman of his life."

Anyway, it's really funny to watch this video and listen to this music. i remember my peers used to like to do this kinda crotch-grabbing dance. good thing i was never interested.
It wasn't the brakes that stopped me you dumbass, it was gravity. So stop gloating.


Reading up on a few things:
1. Wave & Particle Behavior
2. Applications of Quantum Physics
3. Black Body
4. Spectral Radiancy
5. The Stefan-Boltzmann Law
6. Wien's Displacement Law
7. Rayleigh & Jean's Model
8. Planck's model
9. Planck's Two Assumptions

I'm gonna take it slow even though i'm already pretty far behind time.

But it's better to understand what's going on.

Maybe it's just me, but i think foreign students spoil the market for us locals.

Yesterday was still chatting with baby. We're thinking of disappearing for 2 or 3 days during my Dec break. Go for a holiday or something.

That requires time and MONEY. Will worry about that later towards the end of the year.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. For once it didnt rain. But then I guess the focus was on beautiful DAY. it was pouring at night.

Since the DAY was perfect, we decided to go to the rooftop terrace. We haven't been there for a long time.

And we were disturbed.

Another couple needs help in the filming of their wedding or something like that.

So I can't resist it and took a few pictures of the three of them. The couple with my baby, the professional photographer.

Maybe I'll blog more later.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

what a long day.
cant wait for saturday to come.

i'm kinda getting freaked out slowly because i realised all the tests are like coming soon. physics is in two weeks time and i'm not prepared. Laksa Man said he's having computing test next week and so i highly suspect i'm probably having mine next week too. chemistry is like in three weeks time.

goodness, gracious me.

and who says i'm the only one sleeping in lectures? caught jocelyn sleeping during the POE lecture too.