Saturday, March 31, 2007

had dinner with zulia since she was also working at jurong point. i guess i'll be seeing her a lot these couple of weekends while she works there.

hmm. although the peach yoghurt was a little expensive(actually twice the price i can get it at somewhere else), the yoghurt taste was really rich. so i came to the conclusion that it's kinda worth the money and maybe i'll bu it again some other time.

bloody weather. soaked me all the way through.

tze: i've already told ms teh that nobody might be able to make it for the syf concert. although if you can persuade her to give us the tickets again, i dont mind going.

The brilliant co-existing with the mad.

just realised i have all sorts of spam in my email accounts. let's say on average i spend 10min a week clearing all the spam emails in my accounts, that'll translates to almost 600hours a year. almost literally half a day.


I know we don't have much to talk to each other anymore. Hell, you're the one who don't even bother to talk to me anymore.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

sore throat

i just stopped eating for one whole day and the hydrochloric acid in my stomach starts to digest my stomach walls, causing me severe discomfort. so on my way home, bought a Mars bar. as i as eating the Mars bar, somehow i felt like a kid again.


met nicholas on the train ride home and somehow we started chatting about how profound the age 15 is to us. not really sure why we started talking about that age and nothing else. but being 15 has reflected well for me. for it is the age where i got experience life and death.

life for it was my first love, death for it's my first (and i hope my last time) time in a coma.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hmm. i was thinking what i can say when and if i'm angry"
1. Fight? Sure, but let's make it quick because I wanna see you choke on your dying breath.
2. You know how this will go right? We fight, We suffer, and I win.
3. Because I'm a BUM, I'm a PUNK!
4. You're good at pissing me off.
5. I'll adjust your attitude problem for you!

alright, enough of anger.
let's talk about FOOD!

Chocolate muffins! ate lots of them yesterday. couple them with a cup of hot steaming Milo. Oh! The Grandeur!

where's a pizza boy when you need one? right now i have this uncontrollable urge to sink my teeth into a slice of cheesy hawaiian pizza!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

oh man, my stomach has been having this non-stop crummy feeling ever since i had that plate of unagi yanagawa. must be the ingredients. must be the eel.

on the topic of food, i was walking past this mini-mart when i saw this "calamari-flavoured facial lotion".
"for that deep cleansing feeling with an after-taste of calamari"
so is it food or facial cleaning lotion or what?
A: So you believe in winning?
ME: Yes.
A: Even without honour?
ME: The honour is in winning.

so that is how i ended up losing $57 at a lousy game of Blackjack
so dad sold his car so he could buy two second-hand vans for his newly set-up import-export business. well, mostly import.

went out for breakfast just now. cycled there of course. was thinking what yx said to me about him not wanting ride in any car that i'm driving because i'm a speed freak. then i noticed i WAS speeding even while cycling on my bike. subconsciously, instinctively, i pulled hard on my bike's brakes, and i almost fell off my bike. heh.

then went to jesslyn's house to pick up some long overdue loan items. she was playing audition and invited me to have a try. not really understanding what all the hype about this game was, i went to try out. but she started a new account for me because she didnt me to wreck her record or something like that. my god. by the time i reach level three, my hands were having spasms. what the hell. i'm never gonna play that game.

was reading this particular book by michael crichton, "A Case of Need". it's a very interesting medical thriller. all the medical terms and such. talks about abortion. kinda made me feel like as if i'm back in my college days writing an essay debating the pro and cons of abortion. didnt help that majority of the lecturers in my college are catholics. so all the pros got shot down. i'm not taking any stand for or against abortion. i believe in the lesser evil.

although there's this particular thing mentioned inside. it's called "pathological intoxication". i wanna get that some day.


tomorrow's monday.
the start of another week.
monday blues.


Saturday, March 24, 2007


1. Can I buy you a glass of Newater?
2. Hello, Kitty.
3. Didn’t I see you last week at SDU Headquarters/Communicable Disease Centre/Desker Road?
4. Hi, I’m an entrepreneur and I think we can do big business with each other.
5. Weren’t you in a slimming center/Oxy 10/hair weaving ad?
6. Would you like to come with me to a Young PAP meeting?
7. Can I borrow your EZ Link card? Because I want to take you places.
8. I’m an NSF on a mission. Can you tell me how to topo to your house?
9. Xiao Meimei, yao chi tang ma? (Mandarin for “Little girl, want some candy?”)
10. I’m on a PSC scholarship for love, and I want to be bonded to you.
11. Come up to my place and I’ll show you my collection of bubble tea straws.
12. Hi, I’m a local talent.
13. Let’s go to my house and watch reruns of V.R. Man.
14. Hurry up, go out with me. I only put 50 cent coupon.
15. I want to be quarantined… with you. (alternatively: Going out with you will make me break my quarantine.)
16. ‘Eh, your wedding ring real or not, ha?
17. Go out with me, lah. I promise to give you part of my liver.
18. I’m a stayer, not a quitter.
19. My handphone is smaller than his.
20. I got 4 A stars, you know.

i kinda like Nos7, 8 and 10. and i have a feeling YX might like to use No 9. i remember him saying something like that.
a nice game of CS with YX. went for a few rounds. i was almost convinced that i've improved since any other players that got in was almost owned by me.

battlefield vietnam was cool too. a little too realistic for comfort.

i'm angry, but what can i do.

i shouldn't have exploded the way i did.

so right now, i'll just take it as it is.

accept whatever that is.

haha.. bullshit..

liar liar, pants on fire!


Friday, March 23, 2007

heh heh.

my attempt at being angry is not working very well.
explosive? hmm. bound to happen when you play with something that goes BOOM!
one of my favourite weapon in GTA.
a remote-controlled bomb.

just throw it and walk a certain distance away then press the detonator.


i think i'm too addicted to GTA.
and that is Grand Theft Auto.

he's practically my childhood hero. still is.

i love the way he looks at the world in a very simple manner. how he tries to solve complex problems with simple straightforward solutions, even though most of the time he ends up getting in more trouble.

he's a like a child stuck in a grown-up body.

although it's kinda disappointing that teddy wasnt shown in this new mr bean movie.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Alexander Pope
"Eloisa to Abelard"

"...How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd..."

and i was the bloody last to know......
i wonder what other secrets are there left in this world for me to find out......

but as is with Pandora's Box, there's always hope. i seek not to find out the disastrous consequence when even hope is lost for me...

Life sure can be a bitch at times.

as I've always said, "Sometimes there are things that i dont want to find out or see."

saw something i probably shouldnt see in the first place.


so what the hell is wrong with letting me live peacefully in my own god-forsaken fantasy/reality/whatever?

no wonder some people in this world was classified as "Mising In Action."

i feel used.

yea yea.

answer my call, pick them up, reply me when i'm needed. when i'm no longer seen as being needed around to provide company, just chuck me into some distant corner of your damned brain eh? Probably the "Recycled Bin" of your brain.


aint it simple?

"Jeffrey" has been deleted away.

never to be seen or heard again.

too bad for him. that's his problem, dont make it mine.

etc etc etc.

where the FUCK is your manners?

it's not like i'll go on a bloody rampage and kill everyone right?


yea. I'll just go wallow in myh self-pity.

shit happens right?

and i just happened to get dunped into the bottom of the goddamned bottle without me ever knowing!

some people are just so goddamned, bloody motherf**king cruel and suffer from the inherent lack of manners!

damn you man.

now that's a sure sign of indigestion.

i promise i'll never have cheesy nachos for lunch ever again!

now i'll just go wash it down with some coke.
Oh Yeah! You're DEAD!

i shivered as i watched his crooked mouth smile and said those words.



lamborghini gallardo?

nah. i prefer BMW M3 GTRII

and my name is MR BLONDE!

engrossed in my PSP's Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

damn. cant win the last stage. it's been two months and I'm still stuck there. give up completing the game.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is fun too.
but the same thing too. two months and i've completed only 33.6%.
now i'll just run around hijacking vehicles and killing innocent civilians. once in a while maybe kill some cops to get the army to come after me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

oh yeah.

think we're all gonna be barred from entering new york new york after we went to disturb one of the waitresses there. heh. we used MX's ez-link card to try something funny.

arrghh.. never mind. not going to details.

but lots of fun.


"Unfortunately, the law has nothing to do with injustice. It's merely a method for dispute resolution."

"Being afraid of the dark is what keeps most of us alive."

"There are no compacts between lions and men, and wolves and lambs have no concord."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ahh. the key into ingnition. turn it to on.

clutch in, brake on. handbrakes released.

gear shifted left up into first gear.

half-clutch. accelerator on.

slowly, the car slides out of the parking lot.

exit carpark onto main road.

rpm between 1500 to 2000. accelerator released.
clutch in gear goes down down to 2nd gear.
half-clutch. accelerator stepped on. de-clutch.

rpm to around 2500.

accelerator off. clutch in. gear goes up right up to third. half-clutch. accelerator. de-clutch.

rpm to around 3000.

accelerator off. clutch in. gear goes down down to fourth. half clutch. accelerator. declutch.

coming to junction. prepare to turn left. keep left. feet off accelerator. clutch in. gear goes up up to third.

damn. cant engage third gear.

double clutch.

so try again.

clutch in. gear goes up up into third. a little brake. turn left. bloody driver comes in without signalling.

put your hands out and give him the finger.

so what the hell is so difficult about driving?


wanna watch mr bean this friday. anybody wanna join? if not probably gonna watch alone.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

ah. just came home.

had a rather interesting event over the last few days. didnt know izuan, abu and latif and be such a good comedic trio.

and that sewei who came to me and the first thing she said to me was, "Jeffrey! I know your secret!" what the hell. another nasty rumour about me.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

few days ago went to watch "protege" with gary. nice movie, although kinda have the same feel as "infernal affairs".

today watched "Norbit". i need more comedies in my life.

i'm never going to organise another damned dinner/outing/lunch whatever nonsense. waste so much of my time/effort/money and nothing happens.

Where we do
What we do
Is just for the two of us.

thanks for the company today baby.

maybe i should catch "Letter From Iwo Jima".