Sunday, March 30, 2008

today not very smooth.

wasnt able to pay attention while on the road.

there was a truck parked in a one lane road, so i decided to overtake it, but i kinda forgot to check for opposite traffic first and i just swerved out. almost smeared my face on that toyota vios.

and then i had a mad rush to meet derrick. he called me to say he wants to go biking with me and i thought he was at home (balestier). when i reached his house, his mother told me he's not in.

i thought he was pulling a prank on me. ended up he was at braddell, and so another mad rush to go back to braddell.

to think that when i was cornering that sharp bend off braddell and nothing happened, when i took on a gentle turn, everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.

to put it simply, i skidded and i flew off my bike.

everything just happened so fast. i didnt even have time to drop two gears to prepare for the turn.

i just said the word "crap" and i'm already midair.

very hard and rough landing.

twisted my left ankle but thank goodness it was minor. but my right thigh wasnt so lucky. my skin the size of my palm was like scrapped off.

the pain was so........ unbearable

and jason told me to smile more.

i want to grab his head and rub his face on the tarmac and see how he smiles after that.

my goodness. the pain.

i need painkillers.

therefore, today ended with a bad traffic accident.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

finally, another burden gone.

i've passed and now i've got my Powered Pleaseure Craft Driving License!

now i can drive both boats and cars.

anybody want to go for a boating trip?

or maybe just go do some jet-skiing at east coast park?

but i still have something else which is like a thousand pounds of stress on my head. hmm, i'll handle things one at a time.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today I'm in a pretty good mood, so actually wanted to change my background music to something more on the positive side. but i guess nobody listens to songs like "Do Wa Diddy Diddy" by Manfred and "I Get Around" by Beach Boys.

last nite i dreamt that i was driving around in mini-cooper and that i'm lost on the expressway. and the worst thing is this: i was having a panic attack

the rush is still on. Gonna be rushing all the way till next monday. at least next monday. but i believe i see a glimmer of hope.

and i have my powerboat handling test this coming saturday. damned nervous. hope i dont fail.

soon i'll have both driving license and powerboat license.

but i havent studied. even though one of my friend kept urging me to study. lack of discipline i guess.

maybe i'll go study later.



Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Please allow me one moment to DESPAIR in the HOPELESSNESS of the SITUATION.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"State of Denial"

aye. fantastic headache today. all thanks to the bloody weather yesterday. so no flu, but just one helluva downpour.
i'm on the verge of really giving up all hopes and dreams. just hoping that there's something or someone to jump start my engine.
i think i've finished everything. and the last time i quoted from calvin n hobbes was at least a month ago.

Monday, March 24, 2008

"Do you LIKE her?"

currently watching "forrest gump" on my psp. i have to say it's one of my all-time favourite films.

not just because i'm a film buff. it's really nice.

crazy weather today though. when i went out for lunch, i was almost practically scorched.

reminds me of the "Scorch Earth" Policy.
i believe i hear a few "huh"s already. perhaps those that do find this term familiar probably first heard over the Westwood game: Red Alert 2. when you click on the Irradiator or Iradicator, he'll respond with "Scorch Earth!"


remember saddam hussein? remember the invasion of kuwait? he had a scorch earth policy.

but nowadays who cares about that kinda history? you're an idiot if you dont know what's the latest craze or fashion.

you're a nerd if you like to keep yourself abreast with what's happening to the world around you?

i've got a pretty good question for people from my area and at the most my age:
What's the link between John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe?

probably nobody knows.

speaking of games.

i've got this new PSP game: tom clancy's G.R.A.W 2 (Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter)

quite gay actually.

i keep having this scenario whereby i have to go against a tank or some enemy with an RPG.

they dont even need to aim precisely, just aim in my rough direction and the blast radius will kill me.

whereas the poor me has to try to aim and hit them. at the same time, run away from where they're aiming at.

and the game like to do this:
Objective - Escort intel assets out.

"intel assets"?

like a computer or a car or a human being?

before i can make sense of ANYTHING, something explodes next to me and i die.

so when i respawn, i move away first. and the next thing is this:
Critical Objective Failed

my intel asset died.

oh so i'm supposed to protect a human being. has he no sense to move away when somebody's aiming something at you.

and i got run down by a humvee that i'm supposed to protect. killed by the person i'm supposed to protect.


and then there's the rain.

it doesnt rain or pours. sometimes i tend to forget that singapore is a tropical country. therefore, you have tropical thunderstorms.

at least 'll be going to taiwan soon, so no tropical thunderstorm for 10days for me. and the good news is that the time when i'm going to taiwan, it's the typhoon season. so i'll probably end up stuck in the airport.

maybe bukit merah is a slightly flood-prone area.

the water level was almost up to my ankles. needless to say, i was thoroughly soaked.

it'll be a miracle if i dont come down with flu or something tomorrow.

sometimes we need to take a break from our hopes and dreams. too much can be detrimental to your health too.

because today, i realised i'm always guessing.

i'm just sick and tired of guessing.

this sounds wrong, but i'm kinda "too old" for these stuff.

or maybe i'm just plain lazy. if i had my secondary school mentality, i'd probably be an agressive player.

so i'm kinda gonna give up on this little hopes and dreams of mine. just for a short while to regroup my thoughts.

almost made me want to ask P to go out with me. but i know P might just die of boredom with me, or me dying of uncomfortable-ness with P.

like what julia says, i'm a boring person. "All aries are BORING!"

i'm boring just because i dont go shopping and i dont play audition.

how many people in this world can fly, sail and drive?

not many, that's for sure. but i'm exciting in my own little way.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I got swung off my bike a few times today. and i found out that the front mudguard has made a very deep cut down the centre of my front tyre. that's not good. so i had it removed.

talk about sending emails to the wrong person, sms to the wrong person.
and worse
calling the wrong person.


I swear to God I'm really very smart. I just had a moment of dumbness.


"Dude, I'm tone-deaf!"

Saturday, March 22, 2008

very very interesting day.

knock off from work, reach home and the first thing i do is to grab my bike out.

there was already lightning and thunder, but i didnt care if i got wet.

rushed out and finally learnt how to drift on my bike. previously all drifting was done when the ground was wet and i had to do emergency stops.

and i always thought that drifting was done by locking the rear wheels only.

i was wrong.

realised that drifting occurs when there's an uncontrolled brake at high speed.

so i just need to have a "controlled" uncontrolled brake.

and i was right.

just lean forward, hit the brakes for both front and rear wheels. especially the rear one, just brake enough to let it start skidding then release the brakes. then put the leg on the inside edge on the floor and twist my body weight in the opposite direction that i want to turn. and i cant lock any of the wheels, front or rear.

and it worked.

now i dont even need to be in high speed to drift.


so much have changed since the day we ran away from each other.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Please dont break my heart on my birthday.

not that i focus a lot on my birthday, but it's just not nice to break someone's heart on his/her birthday.

so please, i would rather be left alone then to have a heart-breaking session.

"You die, I die, We die, Bye bye."

Since light travels faster than sound, people always appear bright till you hear them speak.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I really need someone to talk to right now, and I feel you might be someone very important in my life.
Did you get maced too?
No, I'm crying. What's wrong with you?
Let me think about that. I'll tell you the next time I see you.
Sure, tell me then.
Thanks for using me.
You're welcome.

I have this sudden "Woken Up" feeling in me. perhaps nothing will happen. i just gave myself too much of a big shock.

No wonder some people say must go through what "Civilian Conversion Course"

i guess i was just being naive. because today i truely felt like i've beengiven two tight slaps across the face.

must admit i was careless too. playing my trump card so early into the game.

purely asking for it.

tsk tsk.

busy weekend ahead.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

my legs are like jelly.
Reserved for stupid people only.

Thanks for waking me up at 4am in the morning ON A SATURDAY MORNING.

I'm gonna slap you silly.

Friday, March 14, 2008

went to read some of my friends blogs, got too engrossed and almost blurted out the wrong thing. good thing i have sharp eyes an a keen sense of details. otherwise, i'll be dying of embarrassment.

speaking of embarrassment, derrick "accidentally" set the toilet bowl on fire. and he ALMOST set the both of us on fire. enough excitement and fun for a day.

i need to put off my buying of blades till next month because of BALANCE OF PAYMENTS. i wonder how i can overlook the fact that i spent $400 for my air ticket to taiwan when i remember paying $50 for new geartrain and mudguards for my bike.


if only i knew something on acounting and/or bookkeeping.

so the samsung G800 is on indefinite hold. but it's either that OR the nokia N96.

probably that brand new electric guitar and amps too.

oakley shades? probably find a good imitation in taiwan.

i dont need a job with better pay. i just need to learn to balance my income and outcome.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Callsign: Downtown.

stupid name, but i'm kinda stuck with that.

bought my air tickets to Taiwan. flying off from 7th July to 16th July. dont think i have any friends who're having birthdays during that period. so far i can only remember one. Lizzy's birthday is in the first week of July. but i cant remember if it's 3rd, 4th or 7th.

i'll see how it goes.

weekends are finally almost here. not that i'll be doing much. doubt i'll even be going out. not that i dont want to go out, but i'm really short of cash.

new laptop $2009
new gear train and mudguards for my bike $50(it's still money)
new pair of rollerblades $250(soon. in 2 weeks' time)
new microsoft office 2007 and symantec anti-virus software and a portable hard-disk
(no idea how much it is, but i guess it'll probably be in the hundreds)

but i have to remember to go get microsoft office for my brand new laptop.

i have become really very very shy. unlike the person i was when i was in secondary school.

so anyway,

Downtown, over and out!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

very enjoyable today

spent a lot of money too. but i believe they're well spent. :-)

actually, for the whole week i've been thinking whether to get myself a pair of oakley shades or a pair of skates.

well, life has a way being interesting because in the end i didnt buy any of those stuff. i bought mud-guards for my bike. i'm kinda sick of getting my shorts wet everytime i cycle on wet surfaces.

i think i'll give the oakley shades a miss.

next up, i'm gonna buy myself a pair of inline skates. and that's gonna set me back by at least $250.

within the next two weeks, i'll get them.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Right now kinda in the Blink 182 kind of mood.

hmm.. past few days i've been a really angry person, but i realised that the last day that i was angry it's actually because i made myself angry. the anger wasnt caused by anyone but me.

oh well...

and there's this escape of the detainee.

what disgusts is that there are actually people who got the cheek to write to the papers asking the government to provide a huge reward.

my goodness..

it's our RESPONSIBILITY to report that detainee. why the hell would you need the bloody reward?

please dont see this as an opportunity to make a quick buck.

had so much fun yesterday

and earlier this evening, i had this sudden urge to go jogging.

managed to suppress the urge..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

before i start, i want to set the record straight that i'm not being emo. i'm not an emo person. maybe i was once and maybe in the future, but currently, i'm not an emo person.


very very very very very very bad two days.

i just feel like yelling out loud: "MOTHERF**K!"

all the frustration.

went down with flu yesterday and had to suffer in the air-conditioned office all day till i knock off. and what pisses me off is that the moment i stepped out of the office, i was miraculously cured of my flu.

and today. my god.

things are very bad too.

but while on the way home, i was just wondering to myself whether or not i was really angry, or if i was making myself angry.

i'm not sure, but this sucks.

and i'm trying my best to vent my frustration and all the negative feelings in me.
trying to vent it HEALTHILY.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lion's Lair.

without a doubt, i walked myself into a trap. some people might say i hit the motherload, but i still feel that i've walked into a trap.

If You Cant Beat Em, Join Em.

like a machine-gun going off non-stop. just be irritating.

Initial D.

havent gone biking for a very long time. so this morning went for a little biking trip. and it never rains but pours. i was caught in the bloody rain while i was a toa payoh. but i thought it would be interesting and exciting to cycle on in the rain.

havent biked for a long time and the first time i had to tackle wet weather.
i slipped, skidded and drifted on my bike.
skipped a few heartbeats too.
blood pressure probably went up to 190/100.

i need a breather and the sun is shining brightly now.

gonna sign up for roller-blading course tomorrow.