Thursday, February 28, 2008

"cheap thrill" kept running over and over in my head. and yet the funny thing is, i dont feel a single pang of guilt.

and that makes me sad, not because i dont feel a sense of achievement, but because i know my victim probably dont care too.

speaking of running, i think i'm finally getting sick and tired of waking up at five every morning to run. i end up feeling tired at work for the whole bloody day. physically tired, but mentally wide awake.

but then, what's the point of having such good software if there is no hardware to support it?

i think my wisdom tooth is really giving me lots of problems. i cant talk or eat without that numb pain affecting me. i'm not sure if it means i need to get it extracted. so far it's the gum around it that's hurting, not the tooth itself.

i feel the frustration. i really do.
not the tooth of course, but something else. something closer to the heart.
and no. i'm not being emo.

i'm really frustrated about something.

an entirely different thing altogether.

why do girls these days like to go all the way to the club and get drunk?
is it really that cool to get drunk?

maybe they'll feel like adults when they get drunk.

please dont ask me to go clubbing. i'll most probably turn you down. pubbing yes. no to clubbing.


and trust me, he screamed bloody murder.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Woo Hoo!

today is such an exciting day!

i passed my PPCDL theory test! now i'm one step closer to getting my powerboat license.

i didnt just pass the test, i passed it with flying colours!


one short of the full score! and i was the only one among my group of friends to pass. i know it sounds evil.

so my practical test will be on 29th march. hope i can get my powerboat license before my birthday!

and i did something exciting yesterday. i cant really say it out for fear that my victim might see it and kill me.
but i cant believe i did it.

probably the first i did something just for the cheap thrill of it.


that best describes it.


Monday, February 25, 2008

i'll try to summarise what happened since the last post.

found a job
start work
got sunburnt(really bad)
got a little pissed off
a little disappointed
pissed off.(again. because of my driving license)
worried(my powerboat theory test on wednesday. sure fail one)
broke a toenail
spent quite a lot of money even before the paycheck is in.


so far, the one most important regret of my life is that i've once lost a girl due to my indifference.

so now i'm really regretting it.

but life goes on, life goes on.

confused too..

in the movie "just friends" it is a bad idea to become friends with the girl you like because that's exactly what you will always be. just friends.

but yet some people tell me that is the first step to take.

never mind.

more importantly, on the bus ride home, i was chatting with two secondary school boys. somehow they seem to be COMPLETELY unaware of the presidential elections in US and another just next door in malaysia.

what the @#$%!!!

and the best thing is, they dont know that sabah and sarawak belongs to malaysia.

A: i thought they belong to indonesia?
B: no la you moron, they belong to brunei!

my goodness
by the way, they're in sec4. somebody ought to slap some sense into them.
i'm at a complete loss for words.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Scientific progress goes 'boink'?"

It doesnt matter.. MY brain went BOINK too..
Starting work tomorrow..

Friday, February 15, 2008

today i'm gonna try writing things in a confusing new way, or new confusing way.

"But June-bug, I didnt know you were even sexually active!"

Valentine's Day.


and this year is a leap year too. i remember asking a girl something stupid four years ago.
"Are you for real?"

but of course there were other stupid things i said. but that sentence was probably the worst.

ahh.. 4 years have past..

i had an argument with yvonne, the argument borderlined on a quarrel. she asked me to do a survey on relationship. one of the questions:
Do you agree that in a relationship, men are more inclined to lie to his partner?

i chose no and yvonne got pissed off.
"So women lie more la?"

of course not. i dont understand why people must generalise? if within a relationship someone wants to cheat on another, then who's the blame?

ah forget it.

an old wound that sort of closed up got ripped wide open..

it hurts..

i still have your panties.
i still have your virginity.
dont say that!
why not? not everyone carry evidence of sex under their sweater! i am a planet!

i believe ellen page is going to be one of the greatest actress..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


past two weeks saw lots of things happening that pissed me off at times. but they are over and i've managed to refrain from blogging about them, so the anger wont carry on growing in me.

i have this natural ability to make myself stick out like a sore thumb. went to have lunch with michelle yesterday. she's having her lunch break from work and i'm just kinda slacking around. and my dress sense slacked too.

wore a shirt that was labelled as "brokeback shirt" by wei lun. and berms. to CBD. where everyone's wearing shirt and pants.


went walking around town to kill time and bumped into yvonne. kena attacked by her sharp tongue.


then went to brewerkz with friends. somehow two glasses of beer was enough to KO me.

good thinf there're cabs.

contributing to unemployment rate...