Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, I'm tired. That's for sure. Been working since the holidays started. Well, the new company is a lot better than the previous one. Twice the stress, thrice the workload, but definitely quadruple the fun.

I've taken upon myself to do some reflections. Why do people say that you don't mean what you say when you're angry? I believe that is untrue. At least not completely. Ive made things a little too uncomfortable with some of my friends and I know it's partially my fault.

Oh well, just gonna see how things go.

Release of exam results was kinda exciting. Expected myself to fail at least one module and get just pass grades for the rest. Turned out wasn't the case. Didn't even score a single D. Mostly B grades. Some A- grades. One or Two C grades.

Surprised myself thoroughly. I guess it really works when you sacrifice things to work on your studies. My GPA was pulled up, not by a lot, by it's finally climbing.

I know I fly kite for a lot of my friends last semester. But the only one I can remember was to have dinner with Tommy and Marilyn and gang. Apologies again. But I'm just glad that I have my results to show that the kite-flying wasn't in vain.

Which reminds me of what Yu Jun told me 2 or 3 years ago before I started University: "NTU is a place where does that couldn't make it have been wiped off the chain. Whoever's left and in university are really the cream of the cohort. Don't be complacent and study hard."

She's right, and congratulations to her on graduating this year. One less 师姐 to consult when in trouble.

Prof. Li Bing also said that with a Year One intake of around 300, only less that 100 will graduate. In fact, by the end of third year and you still haven't been kicked out by NTU, you'll more or less graduate successfully.

Looks like Year Three is gonna be an exciting year ahead for me.