Monday, August 24, 2009

P is officially engaged. Invited me to her engagement party. I never knew that you're supposed to throw an engagement party.

It was held at the couple's new place. She probably saw my last post and decided to get even with me. She didnt tell me it was an official party. I showed up in t,shirt and bermuda. While everyone was in shirts and long pants.

1-1. It's a draw at the moment. But looks like our little game will be stopping here.

I asked P when's the wedding dinner and she replied with, "What makes you think I'll invite you?"

Oh well, fair enough I guess.

Today started with a little problem.

Engine was stuck in third gear.

Panicked and almost had a heart-attack.

I need a better way to start the day.

Yo Monkey Boy! Leave me alone!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Psychology 101

I'm so good at that. I think i don't need to take any electives on psychology or mental health. In a way, I'm almost pure evil.

Had a piss-poor conversation with P. Actually, I was just kind of trying to piss P off.

As previously mentioned, I believe that we have some issues between us. I played hard on those issues and poked at where I knew it'll hurt the most. I just wasn't in the mood for a talk. I have my own problems to worry about and we all know that talking to each other will not solve my problems, let alone ours.

Our on-again/off-again relationship has lasted for the past 9 years. Come to think of it, I'm very glad our relationship didn't go any further beyond some kind of infatuation.

Our character is just too different. Opposites may attract, but when you reach a certain degree of opposition, it actually becomes a form of repulsion.

Simple-minded, shallow or thick-skulled?

We shall let the world decide.

I was merely playing on certain sensitive issues that will surely tick P off. And it worked.

P thought I was being annoying and insensitive. But I know what I'm doing. I'm just placing a temporary distance between us for the time being.

Sadly, it's P's wrong perception of me being insensitive re-affirmed how different we are.

So I guess that's why P ended wherever s/he is and I ended up in a university.

It's not fair that I'm playing on such elitist mentality since P is also currently engaged with another elitist. But on a personal level, it means that we're no longer on a level playing field. No matter how badly I fair with my degree, I'll always be "one-up" P.

That is pure elitist, but it's just how the world is.

I'm not simple-minded. P played perfectly into my game of chess and I know for a certain period of time, I'll get some peace from P.

I guess I have much to be thankful for.

And on a very evil note, I like to distance myself from freaks of nature. I'm agnostic, therefore I believe that at least I'm doing what I was intended for.

When I have only one source of information, I do not have much of a choice but to make all assumptions based solely on that single source of information. I cannot be held responsible when that single source of information portrayed such a negative image of any person(s).

Felt like a lawyer there.

More on that some other time. But I guess i'm just kind of on the off-again part of relationship with P at the moment.

We'll see how things go. So far, I'm winning 1-0.


Believe it or not, I finally got myself involved in an ECA in university.

Ice Skating.

Wanted to join inline skating, but fortunately their focus is on hockey. Can't join cycling because there is no way for me to bring my bike to school. Air rifle's training schedule clashes with my timetable. Same goes for mountaineering.

The lecturer for Engineering Probability and Statistics is driving me nuts. She takes a good 20min setting up her projector. Therefore, she skips a lot of slides. I was so angry that I just went to sleep half-way through her lecture.

When i woke up to go for my Fluids Mechanices tutorial, I wasn't wide awake.

Sitting in the tutorial room, Sophia called to ask where is the tutorial room. I answered the phone with a loud "Hello". The professor then stopped his lesson till I hung up the phone. Pure embarrassment.

And the funny thing was that I was afraid of embarrassing myself in front of this other girl in the same tutorial class as me. Kayda. Somehow some people should know that I shouldn't be bothered by this kind of problem. She just have this really unique name and I have to really admit she has a very good figure and looks.

We've been in the same lecture group for 3 semesters and same tutorial class for 2 semesters and I still haven't worked up the courage to strike a proper conversation with her.

I have to work harder.

Better not let the chance of getting to know such a fantastic girl slip through my fingers. I guess I'm gonna try to get to know her more before the end of this semester?

Feel like a damned secondary kid now.



Thursday, August 13, 2009

ok. last sunday. national day.

girlfriend came over to bishan park in the morning for rollerblading session. after that was a long walk back to my place. should have taken the bus or some sort of public transport. i made a reservation at 12.45 and by the time both of us were done showering and changing, it was already 12.30pm. and my parents were waiting for us.

heh heh. my father really floored the pedal on the drive to the restaurant. we ate till we were so bloated. and the girlfriend kept insisting it's my fault.

so after lunch, my parents went off to do their own stuff and we went to her place to drop off her stuff. when we reached her house, the first thing her mum did was gave us each a plate of beehoon. goodness. major bloated-ness.

couldnt catch any movie. so kinda stoned the national day away. this year we didnt watch the fireworks. not sure if she wanted to. but i'm not interested. the crowds turns me off.

and then a few days ago, i was bugged by P again. seems like a long time since P tried to talk to me. but i guess we still have some issues between us, so we didnt talk much. actually, i think i'm the one with the issues, but then again, who cares?

today's lunch was horrible. the soup was ok, the garlic bread was passable. but when the sandwich came, my goodness, that just killed everything!! a $20 lunch cant even compare to a Big Mam Meal.

i should have just went to Mac instead.

well, i have so much things in my head right now, i think my head's gonna blow any time soon...

Monday, August 3, 2009

i think there's something about me that makes me kinda easily-forgotten.

and the worst part, i can easily think of a few reasons why i would forget someone like myself.

let's see:
-i am boring
-i'm a little anti-social
-i'm fun to go out with
-i make people's day better

wait, lost track.

never mind.

watched "the hangover"

it's really hilarious. dont mind watching again. good move to watch to de-stress.
"You are literally too stupid to be insulted!"
"Thank you."


brought the girlfriend out yesterday to east coast to rollerblade.
to TEACH her to rollerblade.

gonna do that again this sunday.

my holidays are coming to an end and i have not achieved any of the goals i set to achieve during this holiday. so i guess my life is just a series of disappointments after disappointments??

and so currently, the forgotten-and-friendless me is stucked at home for the past month and hooked on computer games. lol.

waste my time away watching TV(nothing to watch), reading comics(Cal & Hob, Zits, etc etc), stoning, playing computer games

microsoft flight simulator.. sometimes, when i crash the plane, the game ends with the program saying, "Next time lower your landing gear before landing."

goodness, cant you let me know BEFORE i land??

combat arms. really just playing the brand new quarantine mode. "Operation Overdose". sucks to play though. the damned zombies are so difficult to kill. almost impossible, and they just claw you once and you're infected.

last night was chatting with the girlfriend about this particular girl i got kinda close too during my BMT days. SJ,T. according to my girlfriend, apparently SJT might just have a crush on me.



please jio me out before i lose part of all of my sanity.

somebody?? anybody??

dont forget my existence yeah?