Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've been complaining how I'm completely unable to come out with some proper postings. Dont think I'm asking too much of myself. But I just cant think of anything.

This sucks.

Good thing I dont write for a living. I would have most probably caused my own death. and the worst thing is this: i get all my inspirations for blogging when i'm in my bed getting ready to drift to sleep. just too damn lazy to get up and get some things done.

RT is quite fun actually. imagine the huge sigh of relief i exhaled when i found out that i do not actually have to stay for the full 4 hour. besides, university life is hectic enough and i'm too lazy to go exercise besides my weekly cycling trip. so i'm thinking that RT is actually more beneficial to me than the rest of the hobos there.

TM actually wanted to go sign up for IPT this december. very tempting, but IPT has no pay. i need $$ badly. so yeah.

on the topic of money, i worked for the 2 months before deciding that u dont want to put up with my boss anymore. i know i shouldnt bad-mouth him since he always paid my salary on time.

but i just cant take his nonsense anymore. and also his other darling temp staff. allowed her to push me around. so enough is enough and i quit.

and my father has a pretty good sense of humour. when he came home that day, he asked me to go open a bottle of wine to celebrate.
ME: celebrate what?
DAD: celebrate you firing your boss.


i like the sound of that. so now i go around telling around i fired my boss because he wasnt up to my standards.

found out from TM that to do Masters in NTU, need 2nd class upper at least. hope that isnt true, otherwise i'm pretty screwed. i cant even get third class. lol-ness.

why i chose engineering, i'll never know...

Monday, July 20, 2009

we were supposed to celebrate something happy together. but things didnt turn out the way i wanted it to be. or at least wished/hoped it would be.

i once heard of the saying: "Attitude problem is directly proportional to personal perception."

i wonder if Big V is really that stupid. i dont feel like a sleuth. but i was able to see what Big V was up to. nothing illegal has been committed but yet Big V has chosen to give me lies after lies.

so many times in a row. this partnership is starting to fray at the ends, i suspect.

i want to confront Big V but somehow, it just doesnt feel right.


how do one even begin to describe this sense of hopeless-ness and helpless-ness?


before, i used to get jealous when i see couples..

now i still get jealous when i see couples..

damn i just want to kill them all..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Went over to Monica's place last saturday morning to help re-paint, re-decorate and re-organise her room.

took one whole day.

the girlfriend and monica were having fun plastering the wall and i was busy repainting everything. monica's mum was helping out once in a while, her brother just slacked in a corner. in the end he lost interest went to watch cartoons.

was pissed that the girlfriend didnt tell in advance that we're most probably having dinner with her family. thought we were going to have the night to ourselves.

and then she didnt leave at 5pm. stayed on till like 7 plus.

in the end, i was very pissed because i had no arrangements for my own dinner and she's feeling guilty about leaving me alone.

tiring day.

dead tired.

shoulder still aching.

next semester's timetable can be described using only one word.


my life sucks, but i dont give a fuck...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quit my job on Monday. Finally. Rid of at least 50% of my stress.

last one month of school vacation. Gonna try to relax and enjoy it.

Monday during the job-quitting sessions, the boss became super unprofessional and started putting all blames on me ans such.

"You never get anything done."

"You have bad time management."

"You always misunderstand my instructions."

"You don't know what I'm thinking all the time. You must know what I'm thinking."

Jeez. Are you looking for personal assistant or administrative assistant.


but at the end of the day, I felt I had the last laugh. because the other temp staff also supposedly leaving on the same day. the only staff left behind only started working 2 weeks ago.

good luck to him.

karma. what comes around goes around. I warned him so many times not to make my life difficult. I don't care if his business sucked.

and still having some other problems lately too. was thinking that maybe it's because i'm thinking too much. but now i feel otherwise. refer to my other source for more information.

oh well, nothing much to talk about.

to my ex-boss: GOOD RIDDANCE!