Friday, August 13, 2010

Got my brand new Samsung Galaxy S yesterday.

excited and a little disappointed. The camera is such a huge let down. No zoom and no flash.

Well, should look at the bright side though. Android is fun.

2 more weeks till school reopens.

I want to play. Haven't had much fun since the holidays started. Why? The usual suspects: Work and Minor.

Once the last project is over, gonna close down the company and that's it. Realised that I can't work with some people and I can't run a company alone.

Maybe I'll do another start-up again some time in the future, when I have a say over who I want as my business partners.

Right now with the final project for my business, I wonder if my company can even make enough to cover up our losses.

That's what I've been busy with over the past few months. A joint business venture with some friends.

Things are not going the way I've planned with everybody busy with their own commitments and not willing to do much for the company.

Even though it was a partnership, it felt like a Pte Ltd the whole time; with me running the whole show worrying my ass off every single thing and the others can only be contactable after the shit is over.