Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog posts are becoming very scarce.

I run out of creative juices quite very easily.

Blink of an eye and my 22 weeks Industrial Attachment was over. Received an A- grade. Not bad, honestly. Considering how I go disheartened about halfway through the internship and started to fuck things up pretty badly even by my standard.

But at the end of the day, I've learnt and proven to myself that it's not the knowledge of the field that you are working in that matter, it's the knowledge of how to smoke.

My internship company took in 2 students, my classmate and me.

He worked his ass off. Overtimes and what not. Even on the last week of internship, he was still pulling OTs. I wouldnt really say he's a pure hardworking fella. Just bad work organizational skills. I've only worked OT twice. Once was when the boss required me to stay and another occasion I stayed back just to show my Senior Project Manager that I do stay back after my official working hours.

But enough of that.

Took a trip to Hong Kong and back. First time overseas with my baby.

Gave me quite a lot to think about. A lot of re-evaluation I suppose.

And everyone's changing their blog address. I'm no longer at the age where i bothers to keep track of all my friends' blog. If they provide a link on their old blog, I'll go take a look once in a while. But if not, well nobody's losing anything right?

Well I've ran out of "creative juices", so let's see when I can get my lazy ass baxk here to type anything.