Friday, September 3, 2010

Well, school has started. Vacation job came to an end. Pretty satisfied with this year's job. Really.

The pay was better and the stress was so much lesser than before. Just have to go out and see the world more often.

Saved a small sum of money. Gotta find some place to do some investments. Maybe JH can help me.

And speaking of money and investments, there's this feeling of overwhelming sadness in me. "Our" events company didnt take off. I'm not sure if we're gonna so-call liquidate the company or maybe I'll just leave the company (Pretty sad since I was the one who started it). But come to think of it, Steve Jobs was once fired from Apple too, So who know? Maybe some time into the future, I may return to make a huge bang.

I can't see eye to eye with my business partners. At first we were all profit-oriented. But then ZK kept adding additional costs to our clients' projects. So much so that our net profits are being reduced dramatically. There goes our KPI.

Maybe next year I'll do the same thing again. This time round, it is possible that I might wanna try to go solo. What's there to lose or be afraid of? I'm the one with all the contacts to the industry.

We'll see how it goes.

Starting your own business is fun and tiring. Next year's my last year. Gotta see how things go.

The only consolation I have right is that at least my company made a 100% net profit. Which has a chance of going higher if I can manage to get that dumbfuck partner of mine to watch his expense.

So much for me dreaming of doing an IPO within 6 years. When everything first started, it seemed as though an IPO is really viable within 5 years.

Now I'm just back to another ordinary student slogging away.

If I stayed on with the company, I know I can even manage to save enough to buy my own car in 8 years' time. Well, 3 years if I don't intend to pay in full.

But that shall just be another failed dream.

Life is all about failed dreams.