Tuesday, October 6, 2009

eh seriously, saw something real funny.

apparently my life is being mirrored. and i'm sure it is being mirrored quite literally.

kinda made me think that perhaps that person is just making up stories to entertain us along the way.

really really hilarious. perhaps all my friends can go take a look. Gwen agreed with me. although she added as an after-thought, "But you're still being an evil asshole."

is there such thing as a nice asshole?

today after lunch break, had nothing much to do. so us four guys decided to walk over to NIE to have a look at the pretty soon-to-be teachers.

and we wondered, "They're all almost pretty. How did that percentage drop after they graduate?"

submitted my lab report yesterday. today TM made me realised that I've answered two out of the 4 questions wrongly.
ahh.. fuck my life.. but it's only 1AU, so i shan't complain.

it was a short fling i guess. haven't talked to WT since she went back to Malaysia last week. school re-opened and she's back. nothing much exchanged except the occasional "Hi" when we pass by each other. what a funny situation we've got ourselves into. or perhaps just me. we're pretending that we don't know we're nearby even though we're just standing almost next to each other.

another one of those life's funny things to go share with gwen..

still being ignored by the girlfriend. canceled our date so she can go out with her friends. always like that. but never cancel dates with her friends to go out with me..

this is what we call a "second-class citizen".

P finally went for her honeymoon. Taiwan -> Japan -> Korea -> Hong Kong before returning back to sunny Singapore.

goodness.. I need a holiday too.. a REAL holiday..