Wednesday, May 28, 2008

let's start with something stupid i just did.

i blinded myself.

so full of colourful languages for my utter stupidity. and to think i stared right into the beam.

or something along that line.

so i'm not really very bright.


these two weeks were unable to go jogging properly.

the last time i went jogging was last wednesday i think.

too much work.

worked so much OT. i think my boss most probably just give me day off instead of paying me.


last sunday went for the runway cycling.

pretty cool.

and almost finished the endurance challenge of 45km.

but sherman couldnt take it.

so finished off at 30km.

oh well, next year i guess.

at least that's what he promised.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

here are some photos as to why i like to wake up so early in the morning to go cycling. but do excuse the shaky and blurred pictures as those pictures are taken under low light environment, so by leaving the shutter open for a longer time compared to normal mode, slightest movement can blur the pics.
A car zoomed by as a press the shutter button. pretty cool. Along the stretch of Old Upper Thomson Rd, you still get street lamps. but no more when you enter Upper Pierce Reservoir.

It's a pretty cool picture if not for the shakiness of it. It's getting light, but enough yet. see what i mean by my bike's headlamp needs to on. very dark.this is taken with my camera's flashlight.

The following two pictures are examples of morons with high beam on my way out. i had to get off my bike to wait for them to pass by. on my way in, it was pitch black and i got blinded for around 3 seconds and that was vey dangerous.

kinda like a artificial sunrise over the horizon eh? and as you can see, it wasnt THAT dark already. i'm not even using my camera's flash, partly due to the SAFETY of the DRIVER so he dont get BLINDED by my camera's flash. JUST DIM YOUR BLOODY HEADLIGHT MAN!
this is taken WITHOUT my camera's flashlight. moronic drivers.


To show how dark it was, here's a picture taken with me on the bike. it's a picture of my bike's headlamp and front wheels. in all hypocrisy, i took this picture when it was really pitch black and both my hands are not on the bike's handlebar.
As comparison, here's another one taken with my cam's flash.
heh, so along with the previous two pics, the next few pictures can labelled as "Look Ma, NO HANDS!"

I decided to take a short break at Lower Pierce Reservoir and by then, it's already daylight and everybody's up and about.
after that, went home. then went to help out at the Food & Funfair 2008 held at Christ Church Kindergarten.

after that went out with evon again. very nice and enjoyable outing. only problem is things dont really go as according to plan. so lesson learnt: next time make an advance reservation. but i really like the movie drillbit taylor. i feel like watching it again.

so much fun. well, at least for me.


feeling kinda sad now.

not sure how to put it in words.

probably not really because of that. just too embarrassed about it.

ya. i think that suits it better.

people will most probably laugh off what i'm feeling now.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

i cant stand that dk.

he is so full of crap.

like this:

Derrick from here says:
oi! you!

Jeffrey says:

Derrick from here says:
you asshole

Jeffrey says:

Derrick from here says:
always saying that i'm not online. well, here i am.

Jeffrey says:
lol.. big deal.. it was jus a comment anyways..

Derrick from here says:
fuck u la jeff

Jeffrey says:
@#$%!!!!! wad's ur prob sia??

Derrick from here says:
i came to say goodbye. bye bye.


what's up with that dk?

plain nonsense.

just have to fall in love with his nonsense.

i wonder what yvonne sees in him.

and he quoted from the forbidden kingdom.


ok, i'm gonna go rest.

"i came to say goodbye. bye bye."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm gonna go buy myself a guitar this Saturday.

no more procrastinating.

i hope i dont exceed my budget of $350.

and i've already decided the phone model that i'm gonna change to.
Nokia N81 8GB

the N95 8GB and the upcoming N96 are all contenders, but i'm afraid my wallet lost the fight even before it started.
anyway, i dont think i need a really bulky phone and the N81 seems to be bulky enough already.


i think i'm really have to listen to julia and just cut off all forms of emotional attachment.
cant believe i actually still hold on to whatever it is.

about time too.

i've had about enough of P already.

as to whether i'm gonna follow along the footsteps of jon, i'll see how it goes.
seems a little cruel to just MIA all of a sudden.


these few months my finances are going to be a little tight.


Payment of Lip Serivce

Terms: Cash-On-Delivery. Paid in Full

i cant believe it. i'm really gonna back out of that stupid project. not worth my time and effort.


no more games! no more games!


if only i can work OT......

Saturday, May 10, 2008

not all teenagers my age bother to wake up at 6ma everyday just to go jogging or cycling.

as observed that most of the people i see while outside at that time are either in their late 30s or very very old.

but it's pretty cool.

i realise it's very beautiful to cycle into upper pierce reservoir at about 6.30am in the morning. it's just light enough and not much traffic. and there it is very misty.

i just like the way my bike's headlight pierce through the mist like a sword.

upon reaching the reservoir, there're very little people and NO screaming kids around.

so cooling.

natural air-conditioning.

the only time when i truly enjoyed natural air-conditioning was when i was in JC1 and the whole bunch of us went for the NYAA Gold Air Hitam Camping trip at Malaysia.

it was such so peaceful


i fell asleep there. but of course for a short while only before carrying on with the rest of the biking trip.

i was already on the way home when i started day dreaming.

so much so i didnt realise the traffic light turned red.

bloody hell.

must quickly downshift and jam brake.

and a last night i noticed that my rear brake's wire is loose. no wonder the braking was so soft. and my rear wheel is slightly crooked.

one of these days i'm really gonna get myself into a serious traffic accident.

touch wood!


saw on marilyn's blog. a video of secondary school days.

secondary school was probably the most exciting time of my life.

because a lot of firsts happened there.

first of this and first of that.

i was still chatting with my colleague the other da about the kind of nonsense we would do in class.

since we were in a container class with false ceiling and fake walls.

how we punched a hole in the fake wall at about shoulder height just to hide our phones. only to realise the onl way to get them out is to punch another hole at the bottom.

yeah. and punching of holes in the false ceiling too.

we almost punched a hole in the ground too.

letting that stupid viet boy and stupid ram wrestle there. and teachers and mr singh would come looking for us asking why the ceiling of the classroom below us is all cracked up and sagging down dangerously.

but JC was fun too.

like how i got locked in a girl's toilet for the whole afternoon on my birthday.

birthday's are dangerous.

i wanna be 17 all over again.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

i have decided to stay partially invisible to see things go. pretty interesting. to be demoted from most inportant friend to the sideline.


and the bloody MACH file was encrypted and H gave me the wrong password even though he "swear to God" he gave me the right one.

went PS with sherman on thursday, and saw the "Gigmaker" at yamaha

pretty lame name.

it costs $500 plus.

i might buy that. even though we all know guitars are best bought elsewhere.

but i'm on a tight budget and i'm a beginner. so shall just start with something cheap and simple.


i cant believe our outings have been reduced to just being "fun".

my goodness.

and there was this moron sashaying down the corridor. i almost kicked his butt.