Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i think i've completely nerd-fied myself. i spent $30 plus buying two sudoku puzzle books and i am actually enjoying myself!

in exactly 7 more days, i'll return to the life of a civilian!

i'm glad for NS because i got to meet some really great people.

in fact, we went to the Science Centre today. too bad we dont have our cameras with us because we booked out straight from camp and went there.

next up we're probably going to the Singapore Airshow, Discovery Centre and the Zoo.


going to Alexandria Hospital this friday. hope everything will turn out ok.

i'm gonna end this post with a quote:
"Never board a school bus that is being driven by a dog wearing a police uniform"

the wheels on a bus go round and round...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

it's dangerous to fall for a girl who is already involved in a relationship.

i had a rather interesting dream last night. i cant say it was a good dream but neither was it bad.

a dream about P. seems like i saw her at some shopping mall and i was anxious to hide from her and she wants to pretend that she didnt see me.

kind of stupid but i dont know why my brain played it out that way.

in the end, we just said "hi" to each other and carried on with what we were originally doing.

the interesting thing is my brain chose to see her the way she was 4 or 5 years ago. i admit i liked her the way she was back then. there's not much difference but just those little ones.

watched "the mist" with edward today. ed feels the movie is too straightforward. though i agree, i enjoyed the storyline. it offered the idea that if you scare people enough and remove the things and people they turn to for help in times of trouble, they become the very monsters they are fearful of at the same time.

at least this wasnt a movie with a "one bomb solves all" ending. and the ending is really kind of frustrating. shant spoil it. go watch it. it's really good.

Monday, January 21, 2008

ok. so maybe now is time to clear up all the things that i want to blog about.

gonna turn 21 soon. no big deal. as a matter of fact, i can already foresee nothing much happening. if i'm working, i'll probably wake up, go to work, knock off, go home, sleep.

my life's simple, so i guess that makes me a simpleton. somehow there are time my simplicity seems to complicate matters. still ironing a few creases out.

watched a few movies too. although i can only remember two. "Cloverfield" and "Lust Caution".

Cloverfield's good. the only trouble is that the whole film was done using a handycam and i suffered from major motion sickness throughout the whole movie.
Lust Caution was... disappointing. personally, i feel that the only reason why that movie is so hot is because the actress is daring. or maybe i'm just some poor bugger who cant appreciate art. nonetheless, i felt as though i was watching porn. and the storyline's too simple.

had a chalet about one or two weeks ago.

kinda like an ORD chalet. things got pretty messy. because we were drunk. the beer at chevron's was really cheap. $1.90 per mug! so naturally, we all got high and drunk on beer.

i was pretty drunk by then already. i dont remember who's holding my cam. and sherman already KO-ed. the guy behind me.yc and jeow tried to act gay at the interchangereal gay-ness.

and here's the post-drinking entertainment

well, i've actually got the videos when we went for th powerboat course but somehow the laptop refuse to acknowledge the existence of my phone when i plug in through usb.

gonna be a busy day tomorrow!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

after one week in camp, i'm finally home. so tired.

and so busy too. i finally picked up a guitar and tried to play some nice songs, but my hand ached from holding the chords for too long. i need to practice again.

i guess i did my resume pretty well, because lots of companies and job agencies kept calling me for wrong jobs.

i still need a job.

two busy weeks ahead.
tomorrow: driving @1520
monday: driving @ 1305 and 1520
TUESDAY: DRIVING TEST @ 1355 (I'm starting to have the hibby-dee-jibbies)
wednesday: ORD FFI
thurs-fri and sat-sun: LAST TWO DUTIES OF MY NSF LIFE!

the week after
30Jan: ORD Dental Appt
31Jan : Sakura Dinner

i almost didnt want to ORD. all because of the new policy for all servicemen to take the HIV test by doing a blood test.

medic: sorry ah. my first time. ok. i see the vein.
proceeded to stick the needle into me
medic: erm. eh? the vein disappeared leh.
with the needle still in me, he twisted the syringe around, trying to find the vein.
medic: aiya sorry sorry. dont know why the vein disappeared. i try the other arm ok?

of course try other arm lor. i have to ORD.

but at least he got it the second time around.

gary wasnt so lucky, he got stuck a grand total of 4 times before the medic drew blood.

heh heh.

and alex almost fainted. first time i came across the term "phobia for needles"

i need a job.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i've got this lousy feeling that today's gonna be a very slow day.

and the case of disappearing stuff carried on.

first my helmet.

now this. my pt singlet and admit tee went missing. and i was only away for two hours.

now i really have to lock my cupboard every time i leave my bunk.

wet weather. but I'm pretty OK with that. as long as it doesn't rain when I'm driving later.
i have this sudden urge to pick up the guitar and start playing songs again. but somehow there is this ominous feeling about it.

and i am so proud of myself that i've managed to get the delivery date for the caterer to deliver the food correct.

i think i'm going back to bed.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

next week is gonna be one helluva busy week.

driving lessons, chalet, powerboat lessons...

and i'm stitll very pissed off.


Friday, January 4, 2008

my goodness, i'm so pissed.

in fact, i've been very angry since the start of the year till now. and perhaps the anger might go on for a little while more.

what a way to start a year.