Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life is getting more and more interesting by the minute.

And I wonder what makes me say that. Acutally I'm just kinda running out of time in terms of studying. 4 more days to my first paper. 12 more days till exams are over.

I dont even dare to contemplate it as a holiday.

Think i'll most probably get a day or two in between for my break before i start my MiE course.

Was just revising for physics. I'm completely lost after going into the chapter on Thermodynamics.

Abso-fucking-lutely fuck-tastic.


yeah i'm very pissed.


hopefully this time round the exams will be more smooth-sailing than before.

And as for all the pre-exam tension (and maybe post-exam tensions too), I promise I'll study harder next semester.


Monday, November 9, 2009

I have around another hour to go since I'm converting some videos to mp4 format for my PSP and, hopefully, my N81.

Since I've haven't blogged in quite a while, I'm actually at a lost as to where to start.

Currently I'm very stressed with my school work. Less than 2 weeks to exams and I still can't focus. My mind wanders off easily. Very easily. And I'm very stressed with Soil Mechanics. The tutorial questions used terms and equations that I do not see in the lecture notes. I know lecture notes are a condensation of whatever's in the textbook, but for the entire tutorial to use terms and equations that are not seen at all in the lecture notes, that is too much. why don't the school see that not all students have the financial capability to purchase even a second-hand textbook?

One secondhand textbook costs around $30. Let's keep it conservative. 5 modules means $150.

sigh. nevermind.

I've successfully got the slot to study Minor in Entrepreneurship. Thought it's gonna be something easy like Mon~Fri 9am~5pm. Apparently not so. It's actually everyday, as long as it's not Sundays and/or Public Holidays. And that is just the official lesson timetable. Not inclusive of time needed on projects.

Lots and lots of projects and reports to write up. The business plan i submitted to the panel of interviewers was accepted. Now i have to learn to convert it to an executive summary. to submit by 29Dec 12pm, which will be express mailed to some big shot. and on 30Dec, I have to do a presentation on my business plan.

If i'm lucky, one of those big shots might just be impressed enough to actually invest in my plan. and it might actually become my own business. but that's still too far off. submitting the same plan to and hopefully it can be accepted too. If it's god enough, SPRING Singapore will provide a good start-up capital.

and as usual, that is still too early to say. for the SPRING Singapore project, working with 2 other uni friends. that executive summary has to be submitted by 27Nov. smack in the middle of my exams.

i'm using one plan for two different projects. hopefully one of them will hit the jackpot and get accepted.

which reminds me, we'll be going for a crash course in accounting, finance, marketing and so on and so forth in three weeks. tough eh? there goes my december break. it's gonna be used to balance my business plan's P and L.


well havent chatted with T for quite a while since school reopened after recess week. we didnt have the chance to work together during out lab sessions as we were all pre-grouped by the lab tech.

and it's quite funny. we walk past each other pretending that we dont know each other or something like that. and yet at the same time we're sms-ing, facebook-ing, email-ing, etc etc each other.

heh heh. feels like secondary school kids. but dont think will be seeing her much next semester onwards. let's leave it fate.

oh. today we did manage to work together again for our last lab session. which actually resulted in and embarrassing incident for me.

T walked into the lab late. as usual. she came in and sat next to me. but as she was walking towards me, i turned my head to talk to her. she isnt very tall. while i was sitted and she's standing, her chest is around my eye-level. and i noticed her boobs seem to be quite huge. and she's wearing a bright RED bar underneath her white t-shirt.

i guess the male hormones took over and i just cant stop staring at her boobs. i was wondering when did she grew so huge? and at the same time, i was telling myself, "look at her face! not her boobs!"


thought nobody noticed. but after the lab session, TM asked why i was staring so hard at T's chest this morning.



around the same topic. while on the way home on the train this evening with TM and A, we noticed this uncle sitting next to me. watching something on his phone. he was watching handphone porn.

cool eh?

old people also know how to catch up in terms of technology.


was playing BlackShot last night. this particular kid from primary school, dont ask me i just know he's that young, has a laggy connection so i told him to change host.

Me: "Oi change host la. lag like crazy. and please expedite."
Kid: "lol wad iz expedite?"
Me: "It means hurry the fuck up you illiterate fucktard!"
Kid: "fuck u la! u tink u pro izzit?"
Kid: "/ w boiboi eh wad iz de meaning of illiterate?"

he's trying to whisper a message to his friend to ask for the meaning of illiterate. but he epic failed and sent it as a general message.

Kid: "fuck u! u then illiterate! no such word called expedite. u iz stupidZZZZ!!"

my goodness. if only they went for my human resource management lectures. because according to my lecturer, the government uses the PSLE score as a benchmark to see how far you'll go in the future. not O levels, A levels. but PSLE.


that was fun anyway. because he got booted off the game for "Bad game manners"



alright. enough enough. i'm gonna go see if T's still online and maybe chat a little bit with her before going to bed.