Thursday, July 31, 2008

today was fantastic.

even though there was even more walking as compared to yesterday.

met her at her workplace and hang around like an idiot for around 3hrs plus. i guess my ex-boss thinks i'm going back there everyday to chat with him.

when she finally finished work at 2plus, she was complaining about being very hungry, so we went all the way to have lunch at thai express at PS.

so much for being hungry and good thing i had the foresight not to order anything. she couldnt even finish what she ordered and so i was like a vacuum-cleaner, finishing what she left.

kind of spontaneous, we went for cable car ride. also kind of because PS is along the same purple line as harbourfront.

stupid counter staff charged me the admission tickets for sentosa other than the cable car ride.

so since we had the tickets, we went in to walk around.

the weather was so bloody friggin hot.

good thing i was in shirt and berms.

and i found out something: she is super huggable... >.<

then took the cable car all the way from sentosa to mount faber. went down to walk around. nothing much. almost wanted to try the new henderson wave.

but too bad lack of time.

i realise i better not take 57 to bukit merah. i'm gonna end up travelling one big round through harbourfront before reaching bukit merah.

my school timetable sucks.

especially thursday.

i have only TWO lessons.

lesson 1: Lab session. 8.30am to 11.30am

lesson 2: Principle of Economics Lecture. 4.30pm to 6.30pm


i have a 5hrs break in between.

well, at least i'll be meeting my baby for lunch every thursday. something to look forward to every week.


Students take note:
Knowledge is power...
But power corrupts...
And corruption is a crime...
And crime doesn't pay...
So if you keep on studying,
You'll go broke!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

well, monday had a little hiccup. and thanks to julia and derrick for listening to me whine for a while. i just needed to get it out of my system.

but no thanks to derrick who used that as an excuse to go drinking.

by the last end of the last jug of beer, i felt as though someone punched me in the nose. who knows? maybe derrick actually really punched me and i was just too drunk to remember.

and if derrick didnt mention, i'll most probably not notice that for the both of us, our girlfriends share the same name, just different spelling.

all that drinking gave me a fantastic hangover on tuesday morning.

spent the whole tuesday at home resting and recuperating.

today went to ntu for the freshmen welcoming ceremony. it's a little draggy. so left halfway through to rush down to bukit merah central to have lunch with her.

we couldnt decide what we wanted to do in the afternoon, so we just went to walk around in taka, paragon and wisma.

all the walking was so tiring, but of course i cant let her know.

so maybe tomorrow i'll just suggest we hang around the library.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

well, it's a good thing that my mother is quite approving of us.

though she did give me quite a few words of caution.

today i'm totally shagged.

morning went out with julia. she cycled while i rollerbladed.

due to some pub works going on at bishan park, i almost died from exhaustion going one big round to find another entrnance into the park. i was just plain lazy. i didnt want to remove my blades and walk in.

all those construction workers who saw me must have thought i was nuts.

doesnt matter, i feel spasticated myself.

and julia insisted on wearing a pink hat to cover up her so-called ugly hair-cut.

another "i told you so" case. told her so many times that she didnt need to cut her hair anymore.

see la.

spend $88 some more. do you have any idea how many bowls of wantan mee i can eat with that?

i'm damn cool. i took julia's picture while blading backwards. sometimes i myself is very amazed with my own capabilities.

went home for lunch, then went over to derrick's place. and i realised i forgot to bring something along. borrowed his grandfather's bicycle.

i swear to God i almost died. i found out the hard way that the bike is without brakes.



ms julia tan, as you can see i told a very big lie today about me being busy at home when i'm almost out the whole day.

i feel quite henpecked. i just didnt reply one sms and i received a call. i was driving, how do i reply? but then i cant say that i'm driving because i'm supposed to be busy at home the whole day.

so little children, never tell a lie.

it will get you into a shitload of troubles.

Friday, July 25, 2008

after the company dinner last night, i was racking my brains on how to get rid of the bloody light bulb.

tagging along with us everywhere we went.

bloody hell.

well, in the end she's the smart one.

we walked aroung bugis junction. it was almost 10pm, and i jokingly suggested watching "the dark knght".

she actually agreed. and i'm the one who needs to work the next day!

everytime those scary scenes start, she'll grab my arm so hard her nails DIG into my flesh.

lan lan suck thumb and bear the pain.

had to send her home first.

so reeached home and slept at 2plus. woke up today at 7 to go to work.

redbull-ed my way through work.

next monday's my last day of work.

then school will start.

cant wait for school to start.

i'm gonna be a student again!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sunday was the night. the big planned got stalled by two days, but somehow i'm glad things happened the way it did. this was actually was friday night. concert at cjc. this is the first pic i took with my brand new N81 8GB. shaky hands i know. that is edmund chen and xiang yun.

after the concert, we took a bus to far east. walked to mrt station. took a train to clarke quay. and finally walked to the mac at novotel building for supper.

what a big round.


we walked around, catched a movie.

walked around some more.

then went to have dinner at fish n co.

and that's funny.

we both ordered fish n chips

and when the order came, i told her: "careful, it's hot."
she said: "i know"
and she took a bite.

and her face turned red, and she started choking.. and i couldnt resist not taking a photo of such a hilarious scene!
i must admit, she has very quick reactions despite the fact she was all red and choking.

somehow, "i told you so" just dont cut it.

watched MagicBox at esplanade. my first show there.

and she baked some muffins/cupcakes for me too.. julia and i were discussing if they should be called muffins or cupcakes.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

10 days of overseas Taiwan trip cant compare to one of today.

She said YES!!

on 14th April, i blogged about a song. only the first portion actually.

today, i get to carry on with the second portion.

Manfred Mann "Do Wah Diddy Diddy"

Before I knew it she was walkin' next to me,
singin' "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do".
Holdin' my hand just as natural as can be,
singin' "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"

We walked on (walked on) to my door(my door)
We walked on to my door and we kissed a little more.

Monday, July 7, 2008

i'm feeling so cheesy right now that i feeling playing John Denver's "Leaving On A Jet Plane"

Lock and Load.
Good to Go.
Rock and Roll.

so to avoid any form of cheesy-ness, i'll end it terminator style

"Hasta La Vista, Baby!"


i cant wait to come back to Singapore.

Maybe should change the song to "Ohio (Come Back To Texas)" by Bowling For Soup.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

ok, saw this on Riley's blog. i'm also kinda bored, and since i saw this on her blog, i'm gonna try the survey too.

1. Why are you best friend with your best friends?
I dont know. things just kinda went that way? (Always answer a question with a question)

2. What bothers you most about other people?
When they anoy me. Like my boss' suppliers from some other country i better not mention.

3. Would you ever marry for money?
i doubt so. But i must say "Little White Face" is quite a tempting thing.

4. Would you prefer to text message or talk on the phone.
Used to be both. But due to a special circumstance now, I would like to talk on the phone more now. Espcially with her.

5. Do you believe that 30 is the new 20?
Age-wise? Maybe, but it's still a difference of a DECADE. I finished secondary school education HALF A DECADE ago. But financially speaking. Definite yes.

6. If you had a crush on someone would you tell them?
废话! Of course tell la. But must learn to tell the difference between a real crush or just an infatuation.

7. What is one of the toughest thing you ever had to do?
You mean life aint tough enough already? Kidding. I'm gonna be doing it soon. 18th July. I pray hard that everything goes smoothly according to plan.

8. Name a challenge that you are faced with on a regular basis.
Actually, at least two. My finances and my studies. And something else too.

9. Do you cry a lot?
Well, no. At least if I really have to, i'll avoid doing it in front of everybody I guess.

10. Do you have a plan?
A plan for what? Retirement? Right now the biggest plan i have is the big-V plan. where everything is slowly falling apart as the day passes. so because of my holiday, I only have ONE day to ensure everything goes smoothly.

11. Do you think it's possible to only love one person for the rest of your life?
yeah, it's possible. but highly unlikely. let's not be too cynical.

12. Are you close with your family?
Ok lar. Just that. So-so.

13. Name one thing you are good at.

14. Name one thing you're bad at.
Not procrastinating.

15. What's your thought on Karma?
I don't really like that song. Not my style of music.

16. What does the 5th message to your inbox say?
i would like to not answer this question. very very private.

17. What was your reply to that message?
same as No.16

18. What do you do for a living?
I'm a little too young to answer that.

19. Do you horn at old people when they drive badly?
Nope. Heard of road rage? I dont do that. But i curse and swear under my breath a lot. Derrick and Julia can prove it. :-)

20. What do you do when you are bored?
I play "Solitaire" on my laptop. It's a special club where I'm the President and she's the Vice-President.


a few months ago, i was looking forward to my trip. now i cant wait for it to be over.

2 weeks. 2 bloody long weeks.

i'm starting to miss her already..

Friday, July 4, 2008

well, i guess you're just plain lucky that i remembered everything in the last minute.

honestly, i dont even care.


we went out again last night after i knock off from work.

had dinner and went to watch movie and we even manage to get couple seats.

things were going well and would have stayed way had she not spill the drink on the seat.

walked around after the movie. just hung around.

would have carried on doing that if not for the fact i still need to work today.


went back to cjc today.


ms teh still look the same. she dont seem to have aged at all.

and she's considering if i can just call her angela.

speaking of which i wanna thank my dear friend julia who will help me out with the big big plan...

i'm praying very hard nothing goes wrong..


imagine the shock i got when ms teh asked as she gave me the concert tickets, "Bringing your girlfriend along ah?"


i dont even know how to answer her and that julia tan also didnt help me.

then ms teh carried on, "You're 21 right? you're old enough to have a girlfriend."

lol. i didnt know you have to be at a minimum age..


please dont let the big big plan fail...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i hate murphy.

i bloody hate him.

which murphy am i referring to?

the one and only murphy who said that "whatever can go wrong will go wrong"

words cant describe how much i hate him now.

my big-V plan is falling apart and i guess i should start pretending to be suave and press the panic button.

so i've added another variable to the big-V plan. i'm gonna have to depend on julia to help me make sure everything runs smoothly.

my my.

so much stress.

the ten days in taiwan is gonna be spent rehearsing for the finale act for the big-V plan.

ow, my head.

the pain.