Wednesday, June 3, 2009

holidays are supposed to be fun. but i'm not having fun. on the contrary, i'm feeling down, depressed and easily irritated most of the time.

perhaps i shouldnt have worked. but without work, where am i going to get the $$ needed?

therefore i conclude that life sucks.

i'm starting to resent my mobile phone. nothing really special about it. i got it in the first place due to it's 8GB storage. and even though i have 4GB plus worth of songs in my phone, most of the time i'm just skipping tracks.

i need to get a new battery for my psp. and probably a new memory card too. 4GB is too little. i need at least 8GB i think. Since now i know UMD's storage capacity is at 1.8GB.

i wont be able to change my phone for at least another 2 years. *sigh* and i need to spend $50 fixing the damage dont to my phone due to last year's accident. getting knocked down by a cab in a hit-and-run.

my life sucks, but i don't give a fuck.

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