Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I can't really remember much of 2010. Well the things that do remember, most of them I like to keep them to myself. At least for the moment.

However, the most important day of 2010 is 25th Nov, when I received the news that my granfather passed away. It was a mad rush of getting either my new passport or urgent travel docs from the embassy. In the end I got my new passport as both options needed the same amount of time.

My grandfather's death affected me more than I knew. I always thought that my relatives being so far away, and me having so little time to interact with them wouldnt cause me to feel that much pain. I was wrong. I lost too much sleep.

The trip back to Taiwan was spent entirely on the funeral. Even though I brought along my notes to study for my exams which was just a week away. I was just flipping through the notes. Staring at the words and not absorbing anything.

There were so many firsts, and at the same time so many lasts. And sadly, many more in between that will never be realised.

At the end of the day, all I've got now are memories and nothing more. I remember tearing uncontrollably during my first paper. An invigilator came over and asked if I was OK.

"Don't worry, the paper isn't that tough. You've still got time to think through the questions."


Evon was around throughout the whole time. From sending me off, to picking me up at the airport, and much much more. Thanks baby.

Am I through with the grieving process? I'm not sure. Maybe i'm 80% to 90% through. But I'm never sure.

I can only pray that I'm able to pass all my modules. I haven't got the interest, nor the mood to do my revisions properly.

New Years Eve was fun.

checked in to MBS. 41st floor city facing room. SHIOK!
after getting the keys to the room with baby, I wanted to get a bellboy and send our bags up. So i grabbed hold of the first MBS staff I came across.

A duty manager.

he took a look at my keycard and said, "Oh you're the honeymoon couple checking into the honeymoon suite! No worries, I'll get someone to send your bags up right away!"

LOL. just because a guy and a girl checked into a room that's been designated as the "honeymoon suite", you have to assume it's a "honeymoon couple"?

actually we were there with a whole bunch of friends. that made things a lot more fun. especially at night. when the drinking starts. and the drinking started the moment we checked into our rooms.

by the time it was nearing midnight, I was a little groggy and a little too much alcohol in my bloodstream.

complimentary tickets to MBS rooftop party with free flow of champagne.

free flow of champagne. heh. so we downed those champagne as if they were shots.

bad idea. monica suggested it. we took around 5 glasses of champagne each. on average. the first glass was nicely sipped into the stomach. next four was unceremoniously dumped into our bloodstream.

it was an ugly sight to be seen doing "shots" of champagne.

went back down to the room for more red wine, white wine, beer. played stupid games that required drinking as punishments.

it was an even uglier sight later in the wee hours of the morning when i hugged the toilet bowl and threw up.

had a hangover that lasted a good whole day.

4.30am in the morning, i leaned over to Evon and said, "My new year resolution for 2011. Not to drink this much anymore."

I know it sounds disgusting, but i can smell the friggin alcohol from my pee.

pictures soon..

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