Saturday, January 29, 2011

After the release of my results, it was another round of relief. I sound as though I'm expecting to pass everything. But in a way, I am. It's bad though. Because every semester I would think that at the end of the day, I'm just gonna pass everything. I'll especially think that way when for 5 tutorials in a row, I can't solve any questions.

Doing my internship at a consultancy firm now. The ups and downs. As opposed to a contractor firm, I don't have to be in the work site much. But then as a consultant engineer, I have to use a lot of brains.

Trust me, a simple issue like how to divert a drain from point A to point B can give so many people so much headache. And oh the headache. The intensity of it.

Such a small drain is giving me so much headache, and now my boss wants me to help in designing the temporary canal diversion.

Wanted to take a picture of my work desk. But I was too busy to do so. Shall do it next Thursday. Then people will know how busy I truly am.

Thank goodness my boss is so nice as to let me not work this coming Saturday. And next Saturday too. And next Wednesday too.

Company's annual dinner is next Tuesday though. Hope there aren't too much drinking involved. Hate to make a fool out of myself by getting drunk.

While walking over to the work site, Joel and I passed by a newspaper stand. We saw The New Paper. Guess who did we see on the frontpage. Ris Fucking Low. What the hell?

Our first reaction was: "Goodness, what is she up to again?"

Whoever was in charge of organising beauty pageants in Singapore has been sacked, and a new firm was chosen. Well, finally I guess. Past few years there wasn't a single decent Miss Singapore.

The owner of Miss World pageant even said that it should not be just about women parading around in swim suits and pretty faces.

Oh please. She's an idiot. She herself falls into that category. Not the beauty part of course, definitely the "No Brains" department.

How many of those successful and smart women are going to parade around in front of the whole world in bikini? Paris Hilton isn't successful, her daddy is. Note the difference please.

So what's really left are those half-a-brain gals who think they're smart and ends up behaving like a bimbo.

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.



Sometimes when I do not have much to think about, I think about her. It's really sad to say this but even though so many years have passed by, I still think about her and all the what ifs that were involved.

So many years?? Well it was only 5 years.

Seemed like a long time.

The first time I was really thinking about getting into a serious relationship, I got dumped. I know the correct term should be "rejected", but I have my reason for using the word "dumped".

You see, when someone is dumping another someone, it usually goes, "it's not you, it's me". Or so I think that's how that cliche is supposed to work.

The "I'm not good enough for you, and you'll find someone else who is better and more deserving of you" speech.

*A little grin here*

So in one night, I kinda fell in love, was rejected and "dumped".

It gets kinda awkward though, when we see each other. Or maybe I'm the only one feeling awkward.

Wonders if she still reads my blog. If you do, please do give a shout out. A message on my fantastically stagnant tagboard? No need to be embarrassed. I'm passed that stage already.

We're still friends. Actually, "just friends". Because of what happened that night 5 years ago, we kinda drifted apart.

Pretty sad, every time I think about it.

Maybe it'll sound very cliche or emo when I mention it, but seriously, I felt as though I have been scarred for life.

Even though you said it was you, and not me. The whole world knows it's actually me and not you.

My little "How I Met Your Mother" episode in my life. I'm the Ted Moseby and you're my Robin Scherbatsky. Except nothing happened at the end of Season 1. In fact, it ended at the first episode.

I can't help but give another *chuckle*

I know it's not right to say this, but till today, I care about you more than my current girlfriend.

SSSHHHHhhhh it's our little secret ok?

Time to sleep. I've been lacking sleep for the past one week.

Engineering is really tough, especially when using it to solve real world problems.

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